Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

PRADA Hand Pleated Leather Tote

I considered myself lucky. My job brought me to so many countries. I’ve experienced so many cultures, enjoy foreign foods and of course shop, shop and shop.

Every place has different unique method to attract customers. One of the most memorable is in Thailand. Some of them used the slogan “handmade Thailand” for their product. Which one time I burst into big laughter in the middle of the shop because the “handmade Thailand” is actually a PVC handbag with “Made in China” tag. The morale of the story is ‘be careful for what you say, you may end up with tourist like me”



This USD2,236 bag is no laughing matter. Made from hand pleated leather, it is uniquely crafted to perfection. The main attention of the bag is the beehive structure detail that is definitely a head turner. My favourite part of this bag the ‘twisted handle’. It’s so strong and bold to carry the beehive. I am not sure if this is the next IT bag but definitely another must have for Prada lover.

Actually, apart from Prada lovers. not so many people will know that this is from Prada. The word Prada only exists inside the bag. But who cares, you know you’re carrying Prada.

Prada cocoa Hand Pleated tote at


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