Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Jimmy Choo Maia Calf Hobo

I have a confession. Some of you might be surprise, but some of you might not. The confession is me, CuteCarry blogger don’t even own a single white bag! No white wallet, no white tote, no white carryall, no white luggage. It’s like white and I just don’t get along. We just don’t belong together. Ok… I better stop talking about white before I sound like Chris Rock!

It is not like I hate white or something but it somehow when I like that particular white bag, it is either too girly or too expensive! Or for those who know me, you might think there is no way a guy like me can go with white bag. White bag is too pure for me. I am kind of person who put and throw bag wherever and whenever I like!


Jimmy Choo Maia calf hobo fall into a white bag that I like but too girly maybe a bit pricey category.

If it is was made bigger without the handles, I might consider to put this bag into the shopping cart. Nevertheless, the wooden handles give this bag its own identity. It is not unique but this is quite different. Maia comes with detachable handle but it is much better if you hold it like a satchel. If your policy is to put everything into a bag and it weight around 3 kg, you can attach the handle and unfasten the middle zipper to create more space.


Or you like it big and wild (and fierce!), you can go for large Maia with animal stripes.

Wow… what a great bag. Reasonably big and flexible. Love it already!

Jimmy Choo Maia Calf for USD1,995.00 @


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