Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

To my dearest little brother…

To my beloved youngest brother, Haziq. This is what I promised you



1.     Latest version of Playstation.


Frankly, I am not really sure what is in Playstation ( and why you are so obsessed with it. I heard from mam you spend too much time on Playstation and sometimes it makes her mad. FYI, when I was around your age, I only play videogame set that quite portable and colourful. I am so proud with myself. I am really good with BrickGame. There’s one time I score almost 10000 points. I wish to continue and beat Uncle Joe record but I stopped to watch Beverly Hills 90210 (Luke Perry and Shahnen Doherty version).




2.     Holiday in Redang Island



I know due to my hectic schedule, we can only spend time less than ten times a year. I also know you love beach and whatever related to swim. This is one of the best places on earth. You are so eager to go when I told you how it looks like (especially the snorkeling). The white sand, the blue sea and the pool. You can swim in as long as you want (under my careful and sharp eyes of course!). View this magical island at


3.     Marc by Marc Jacob Sailor messenger bag



I know you don’t really know who is this guy is. You may think he is some kind of biscuits or cookies brand or something. The reason why I want to have this is because you keep ask me question like “why you act like you’ve been possessed by tsunami spirit?” when you told me our other brother use my Gucci sneakers to play football. Let me answer your question now, nothing is comparable to designer item. They are masterpieces that can change the way you look and uplift your self confidence like when I wear my Calvin Klein undie. Sailor is relatively cheap. Made from canvas and the most important thing it has Marc by Marc Jacobs logo.  Only for USD90 @



Well Haziq, guess what YOU WILL NEVER GET ANY THE ABOVE. Your final exam result is too average. Frankly. I am so disappointed with you. You almost get everything you want. Maybe I always spoiled you. You get cranky when you can’t get what you want.


I don’t know what is going on. Teachers always praise your work and in almost every exam, you did quite well. I partially blame you for your lack of focused and over confident. Remember I screamed at you when you watch TV week before the exam? I scream for a reason.


Ok… my beloved brother, please perform better for your next exam.


I still love you. Yeah.. yeah.. world still revolve around you!


P/s: I’ll probably buy Sailor by Marc by Marc Jacob. But not for you, but for me.


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