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I always like my body clear and flawless without any mark and that is the reason why tattoo is a big NO. I appreciate, respect and the art of tattoo (especially if it is because of culture reason) but definitely not on my body (and bags). I’ve seen enough on Angelina Jolie.  


Creative department in Gucci seems to be very fond with tattoo. Everything is on tattoo. Even on their bags. The love and flowers tattoo print spread all over the bags with the ‘GUCCI’. Maybe the big ‘GUCCI’ word is to convince everyone that this bag is actually from Gucci; which at first I still find it is hard to believe.


I have an assumption Gucci team is in still on 1960’s American counterculture slogan mode, Make Love Not War; that is used to oppose Vietnam War. In case for those who still really confused (especially some guys in Gucci) the war is long time over. Now Vietnam is war free and American goes with slogan like “Yes We Can” and “In Obama we believed”.  We all hate war, but come one…




Gucci tattoo print Tribeca medium shoulder bag at USD1,395.00 and Gucci Babouska large tote for USD1,250.00 at


Tom Ford where are you? Please come back!


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  1. I don’t like tatoos either, but I think you’re jumping the gun on the war thing.

    Comment by Allison | November 17, 2008

  2. […] Don’t you think this two seems like quite similar? Gucci tattoo was born earlier. […]

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