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Roxy Age Limit Wallet



Yesterday is my cousin birthday. She turns 20 and as usual she asks money from everyone so she can buy gift for herself. It is cool isn’t it? She is actually bought the stuff that she likes. Did you received any gift that actually you wish to throw it into the dustbin once you unwrap it? If you ask me, I said a lot of times. Not that I hate the gift; don’t get me wrong. I really appreciate it; just I am not into that gift. Croc shoes? Are you kidding me?




One of the gifts my cousin managed to buy using cash from her father is white cotton with green interior long wallet priced around USD20.  This wallet is made from soft cotton denim wallet with Roxy logo on the bottom right. A very niche wallet; means it is only for girls aged around 18 to 22. If you are not around that age please forget about the wallet. Even if you think you look 22 while your real age is 28, don’t buy it. . Get yourself a real wallet, this wallet has age limit. Almost all Roxy stuff has age limit.


I can’t find any proper photo for this bag from Roxy site. Thanks to the birthday girl for the cellphone snap. Happy Birthday Ikin.


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