Confession of an Asian StyleHolic



Dior Chiffre Rouge A05 black time automatic chronograph USD4,195.00 at

lv-trunkLouis Vuitton Damier Geant Canvas Conquerant 65 USD3,520.00 at

All the above have one thing common, that is my wishlist and I can’t afford them  now and that is a good reason why I should not become GRUMPY AND SNOBBISH!

Yes, all of the above is too much for me. My earned is enough for me to pay the installment such as

i. cars- I owned two, but not really expensive car

ii. housing loan installment -not really priority, but prefer quality food. I always get free food

iv. wear -I will buy anything if I like it, branded or ‘what is that’ kind of brand. For designers, only during sale. Just do not try to mess with me during the ‘choose and fitting session’.

v. bags – yes… sometimes quite expensive but I skip my lunch to buy that. Plus I always get free food!).

vi. Insurance- for rainy day

vii. unit trust investment- my brother is an agent

viii. Misc- petrol, club membership, entertainment, occasional emergency buy like unexpected sale!

I am not living on the top of the world. I work hard to earn money. In fact, I earn by working and smiling to people. I don’t understand why people say I am ARROGANT and SNOBBISH?

This is the story. Last night, my mom came over and told me that somebody (which I am not really familiar with) told her that I am a snobbish.

It is all started when last two week my auntie neighbour daughter, M. She saw me the other day at my office and she introduce as my auntie neighbour. I don’t really know M so I am quite confuse, but I DID TALK to her. You know, a very social talk, quick and easy. I NEVER MET (if I did, I can’t remember when!), her before so I don’t see why I should really be extra friendly to her. This M girl, go back to my hometown and told her father that I am SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. WHAT? I even say bye to her!

Her GRUMPY father did some talking with my auntie that eventually informed my mom. GRUMPY father even said that I am just a guy in mediocre position and try to be SNOBBISH and ARROGANT. Mr. GRUMPY FATHER even told my auntie that he is going to do ‘something’ about it.

I AM SORRY IF I ACT INAPPROPRIATELY TO M BUT THAT UNINTENDED. I don’t felt really bad about how M felt but I don’t feel good about people twisting the story. Maybe I am a bit DIVA-ish, but come on, you can ask everyone in my office, from the security guard and cleaner lady to almost everyone about how I treat them. I am actually really kind to them!

I may be quite cruel, but that is only for some who is cruel to me too. I may look tense sometimes, but that is maybe because I am in model runway look and try to lift my cheekbone or I am really in tense).

p/s: MR GRUMPY even told my auntie that I am a ‘supervisor’ with low salary and ‘supervisor’ like me shouldn’t act like a manager. Let me tell you something MR GRUMPY, I am not a rich buy, but I am not a supervisor, I really good with my work,

I owned a business and designers item (from CK to Gucci). Because people like MR GRUMPY and daughter M, I will work hard to carry all the above bag and watch!


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  1. Nice wishlist. The thing about wishlist is that u’d never run out of list. It will keep getting longer no matter how often you cross something out 😉

    Comment by sareque | November 25, 2008

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