Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Adidas pocket mess

It is happening in Borneo!

Maybe it is just a coincidence or maybe it law of attraction. I believe the latter. The more I practice, the more things visualize in my life! I followed obsessed the fundamental concept of this law that focus on what you want. I visualizing great food when I am having not so great food in plane, I get  to taste heavenly chicken wings and Mee kolok.

Mee Kolok

Mee Kolok

When I keep visualizing about bag, I don’t really specific any bag, but I need bag that is cheap (I need to pay bills), wearable and outstanding; and it is visualize in a form of Adidas Pocket Mess messenger cost at only around USD17! I even ask the store manager, why it is so cheap. He explained that this is  a stock clearance item and it is made from Vietnam. Well… as long as it is an original item, I am ok with it.



This is my second bag from Borneo. The first is Charles and Keith. I am writing this entry from my hotel room (nice room and ambience but very mediocre food) with Pocket Mess next to me. This canvas bag is not something that I am proud of if in term of quality. No zippers, no proper fastening. It is merely canvas bag  (with pockets) that stand on its own. The thing that attracted (beside the price) is the colour. I just love, love and love the electric blue. Very outstanding indeed. I love outspoken colour. It just me.

This is the bag I that is definitely will make me look young. The coordination between electric blue, messenger, Adidas and my new hair cut will make people think I am just a college student. I hope that is what everybody think.


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  1. Mee kolok tu mee sup daging dan dimakan dengan sambal kicap pedas. The main player iaitu mee dia bukan macam mee kat semenanjung tapi adalah mee a bit very maggi-ish. Sedap u ols! if you went to Kuching, from hotel, naik bot dalam 50sen seberang sungai and just try one of the shop there. chicken wingnya macam menjilat segala bagai… habis my detyox programme kalu ada outstation kat sarawak..

    Comment by cutecarry | December 10, 2008

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