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Guess Shopping Obsession


I am kind like ‘concerned’ about what is new at Guess. The reason is Guess store is located in a very same mall where I always have my lunch. So it is like a natural for me to just take a peek on what is new on the rack and grab one or two (I have like a dozen of Guesses!)


Guess Fall/Winter 08/09 proved that it is another reason for me to take a look on what is their latest offering. As usual, Guess always came out with something that is either very appealing (which will make me buy more than one) or something that I rather shout ‘rubbish’.


Contrary from some fashion expert that big bag is so out of trend, big bag still rule the collection. Everything is big especially the front pocket buckles. Come in coral and basic white and black, Obsession shopper in faux patent leather that I think look so damn fake and plastic (well it is faux leather). Obsession really appealing with you if you categories yourself as young and trendy but if you have a slightest feeling that you are over-age, ditch this bag. The shape is not like very conventional but it doesn’t look too freaky. An acceptable carries but for very limited audiences.


I am not obsessed with this, even if it is only USD121.50 at ebags.


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