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Carven Ong for Guardian Recycle Bag


This is my new Carven Ong for Guardian Pharmacy eco friendly bag.


This is what inside. My trusted, loyal Calvin Klein leather wallet, my meals for today; fruits and a can of spicy hot tuna (I am Malay, the hotter, the better).



This is me holding my new recycle bag with Calvin Klein, fruits and spicy tuna inside I felt so like Victoria Beckham trapped in Martha Stewart body, especially when I went for groceries shopping with that huge oversized sunglasses-do I look fat?.




This is what happened when people became very ignorant and stupid!


Yes, people can be very stupid. They forget that our environment can be very nice if we treat it nicely and will be very cruel to us if we do badly.


I am not going to tell you what happened because it is all over the news. People died and thousands affected. My point is why we can’t learn a simple sentence; LOVE OUR ENVIRONMENT.


This is not the first time this type of catastrophe happened in this part of the world. The reason is always the same, overdevelopment and deforestation. But I just can’t understand why this ignorant keep chopping the trees and built properties and worst it is on the hillside!


We should never blame the environment or claim it is an act of God.


Developer shouldn’t touch the hillside. Yes, you can come out with the latest and best technologies to prevent landslide but please, stop just stop. Even if you are using ‘year 2090 state of the art landslide prevention system’, don’t even think to touch the hillside.


Buyer. I really mean buyer. Buyers should be educated that hillside development is not a healthy development. Even if it is the most exclusive place on earth, hillside development is a BIG NO! This is a tropical country, hillside soil is not strong enough for a bungalows.


I am not kind a person who is going to chain myself to a ship like what Greenpeace did or stay with Penan tribe to fight illegal loggings but I did what I can for the sake of our environment. I did a very simple stuff like very minimum plastic bags (I will recycle plastic bags from Guess or Topshop), take public transport to town (even when I am carrying Prada and in Gucci sneakers), used recycle paper or print on both sides, support eco-friendly activities and reduce, reuse, recycle.


Education plays a very important in preserving our world. Like when I bought Carven Ong for Guardian eco-friendly bag, the cashier put the bag in a plastic bag. I asked the cashier, why you give me the plastic bag if the original aim of the bag is to reduce the used of plastic bag? She told me some buyers bought the bag just for collection; so most of them asked for plastic bag for their purchased.  If that is the main reason, it is really defeat the purpose of the bag.


If we don’t educate, developer will still get approval to rape the forest and hillside and people still buy that house.


But if we failed to educate, I am sure in less than two years, two more projects will be erected on Bukit Antarabangsa hillside.








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