Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Diorita Dior


I admit I am always anticipating on what next from Dior. Everything from Dior seems so irrelevant on the catwalk but it all change after a few days. People run to get the dresses and bags. Men or women. That is so magical. It’s like I’d said that model in Dior looks freak but after few days I am trying so hard to copy the look! I am not the one who copying the look, other designers did the same thing!


Diorita is something that I would say not too freaky but not too normal too. The shape looks quite weird, I still figure how it will stand on it own. The whole body is made from twisted woven smooth grained and metallic leather. That’s made the whole character of Diorita. The grained made the bag. If other designers use the same material for a bag, it is hard to say if it is work or not. Call me biased, but I am so totally affected with the dangling ‘D’.


A woman who managed to carry the bag flawlessly is a woman who knows really well the art of having sushi for main course and crème bruelle for dessert. She is not a typical woman next door. She knows fashion, and she is fashion.


If you think that you’re the woman; Diorita for USD2,475.00 at eluxury.


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  1. you know what .. I saw your Prada messenger bag kat TK Max!!! But I still think its abit pricey. its 199 quid! good luck in your quest to get a bag 😀

    Comment by Nana | December 13, 2008

  2. a bit pricey for me! even i am into designer bag but the most important thing it is on sale and original. me a bargain hunter!

    Comment by cutecarry | December 13, 2008

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