Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Prada Viaggio Messenger Bag


The figure is supposed to be me. Even if the height is 6’’ while I am only 5’11 and 62kg, that is me and that bag is mine. ALMOST!!!!

 I really, really want Prada black nylon messenger bag. I need a new messenger because my old CK messenger is dirty like crazy and I something tell me I must put my totes for a rest now. There are so many totes hanging in my room and I seems to pick only messengers to messenger when I am ready to go out, whether it Guess Cairo, Adidas Pocket Mess or my dirty (not smelly) CK or others.

I really, really need this bag because I need to attend a few fashion launching and parties. It is a big NO to attend a function with LOTS of fashionista. This is where everyone will stare to each other like a lion aiming at a zebra without a designer bag. I love my new striking Adidas pocket mess but it is not just for that kind of function. I’ll look like pedestrian in that crowd!



It’s been quite a while to find a designer messenger that falls under my category such as the right size, colour, material and the most important is BUDGET!

 Finally I found Prada Black Nylon messenger bag.

 It is black – check

It is nylon – acceptable

It is not really big and not really small – acceptable

It is only USD380 at bluefly– I can afford it!

 But the problem is they don’t ship to my country!

 A quick look at nearest Prada boutique and departmental store but no sign of it. 

I’ll get this bag… sooner or later it will be mine… hahhaahhah (imagine I laugh like a Cruella Devil!)




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  1. tsk tsk tsk darling darling darling,
    brings back forgotten memories…
    I had this sort of bag (yes it was Prada, i still have it…gulp…somewhere) during my Uni days, I still remember where I bought it at Wade & Smith in Liverpool for only GBP99…

    Comment by reen | December 12, 2008

  2. hi there! just came across your blog. Anyhoo, memang bluefly dont ship products to malaysia ke?? That sucks! I don’t see whats the problem with shipping it to our country! Ni mesti Malaysia yang limit it! They want us to shop at our own cut-throat boutiques!!! This makes me really angry!

    Comment by Nana | December 12, 2008

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