Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Celeb and carry – Nastia Liukin



It makes me looks dull and cloudy. I love the ‘cloudy and dull’ weather if I am in four season countries because it makes me feel and look fresh but grey or anything dull is definitely not my colour. People will think that I work too hard (even after sleeping like 13 hours) because I’ll look washed me out.


I guess Olympic gold medalist Nastia Liukin facing the same problem. The top look like it belongs to her aunt who attend Woodstock in 1969 and her jeans is from second hand charity shop.


She has money especially from endorsement and maybe appearance and she can buy LV everyday but she definitely can’t buy style. That is Louis Vuitton also in soft black. If we can hear the bag screaming it said ‘please leave me at home’. Yes… why she choose that bag? That is an exclusive and stylish bag but here it looks like a cheap darned dull bag!


That boots… ok..Enough is enough… no more….pauric-sweeneyI would like to suggest her to carry Pauric Sweeney Python shoulder bag. It is bright and maybe can give same light to the dull outfit!


Nastia get or change your stylist!


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