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Celeb and carry- Ekin!!…(?)

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image from


He won’t be spending his first night with a love of his life in a lush hotel room. The buzzing on screaming fan is where Mawi and Ekin going to spend their night after the wedding? That is the price of being a SMSes celebrity, people wanted to know on every details of your life. No, not me, it is up to the newly wed where they are going to spend their night. This is not a gossip blog, this is a purely bag blog and I am not kind of person who interested to write or read gossips yeah right….. like I don’t spend at least half an hour a day to read celebrity gossips.


Maybe for some Mawi die hard fan (which I am not, really!) they think that Ekin is just a D class actress and a gold digger who married a rich A class celebrity… but come on guys, if Mawi thinks Ekin is good enough to become his wife, who are we to judge what is the best woman to become his wife? To all Mawi screaming fan, I just want to add some salt to cut, Ekin will spend her night with Mawi, you know the cuddling, kissing everything…. Imagine that!


Where ever he want to spend his night with is purely his business, I don’t care if you have any info where he is going to spend their wedding night, please let me know I just care about what is Ekin carrying. I think she is a celebrity now, so she must carry only designer stuff like Gucci Large Hysteria bag. I think it is a patent leather because it is a bit shiny in the photo. I am not a big fan of Gucci hysteria especially something like this printed signature. I will give a consolation for basic black hysteria. Maybe Ekin would consider getting this, it is only USD1,895. She is rich now; she can buy everything she wants.

maybe this for honeymoon gift?

maybe this for honeymoon gift?



To Mawi and Ekin, congratulations!





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  1. yup i think so. she is very rich now. but sometimes i wonder..hehe how come she became that rich. or she is sponsored by?

    Comment by sufyismail | August 12, 2009

  2. nak tnya brape harga bag tu ye

    Comment by Diana Dalilly | June 29, 2012

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