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Get that perfect bag!


What is the first thing you see when you look at the above Chloe Heloise?


I might think most of you would say the two pleated straps. Some might think this is a terrible looking straps or the straps destroy the bag. Me too. I think the pleated straps looks a bit weird but when it pairs with Celine top, Les Chiffoniers leggings, Christian Louboutin pumps and a Chloé blazer  Chloe Heloise with pleated straps looks stunning and outstanding. That why we need to match our bag with a right outfit.




The art of mix and match is equally important. We must know how the art of choosing the right bag to go with what inside our closet.  It is a very easy thing to do if you watch 4 simple steps; and if you an avid follower of my blog,  you may actually already did it.


1.     Watch your purse.


There’s a Malay saying, ‘ukur baju di badan sendiri’ or measure your  own shirt/dress ( this is a very direst translation!). You may like Louis Vuitton Epi leather montaigne clutch but if it cost almost a month of your salary you might have to wake up and put LV montaigne to rest but never delete this bag in your wishlist. Let it be your dreams. LV is super-luxury but does this goes really in with your social circle? Let’s face it, most of us only comfortable mixing up with our own class. If your day job is a processing clerk in a factory with 15 workforces you are not going to rub shoulder with socialites in Gucci dress at a cocktail party at night right? Yes… maybe once in a year you attend an extravagant dinner and I am so agree with the term ‘invest in a one classic designer bag’  but is it worth to buy LV montaigne but the very next month you’ll ‘busy’ ignoring the phone calls from ‘priceless Mastercard’ (I’ve experienced that!).



Why not you settle with something like Cole Haan Lila? It is simple, cute, and affordable and can match on almost anything in your closet. It maybe not as great as LV montaigne but it is a designer bag and it is legal and original. 


Worst, with your salary and status people will think that your LV maintaigne is a fake.  That is a harsh reality.



2. Watch your waistlineysl-large-downtown-toteWhat waistline got to do with your bag? it is everything. A bag will look so visible with your friend but might look invisible with you. If you are short and petite, you should forget the big huge bag like Yves Saint Laurent downtown tote. You’ll look like one of the seven dwarfs carrying a provision from the nearest wood for Snow White.  The Olsen is petite and she looks great carrying a huge bag! Yes, she looks great but they are the richest twin on earth. They have like a six  stylists to help them choose what they might carry. But, sometimes (actually a lot of time) critics were so harsh to them and they always end up on the top of worst dress of the week. They are someone and you we no one; so again, please wake up and follow the rules. There is no good to you if you want to ‘create’ your own style but at the same time your office secret crush finally admitted that tea lady look more presentable than you.


Most of your shirt comes from a store called XXL for Big Girl, you must forget tiny Chanel black quilted patent leather wristlet clutch. It is cute but if it the USD1,080 clutch look invisible in you, what is the purpose of carrying the clutch? Find something that can fit your size like white Jimmy Choo Zulu soft clutch. Don’t afraid with white because white clutch will not make you fat!


If you are carrying a shoulder bag, the safest way is to for the bag to drop between your waist and bottom, like the above See by Chloe Medium Slouchy hobo. The size must be appropriate and do not stuff too much thing in it. 




3. Watch your career, age and personality


We are born with different personality. It is wrong to be something that is not you. Beyonce claims that she is actually Sasha when she on stage but in real life, she is just a Beyonce who sitting quietly in the corner of a room. She can claim that she has a split personality and we praise her for that but if you claims that you have a split personality, some of you friends might suggest you to see a psychiatrist.


We are not born to be a superstar. It is ok to copy their look but we must again, wake up and remember, what are we doing in order to pay the bills?  If you are an archeologist, it is very practical to carry Australia Outfitter Digger Backpack. It suits your nature of work. But if your job is in as a personal assistant for a director, do you think your boss will be proud to introduce you to his friend when you carrying  Digger on your back? Worst, your boss friend might think that you are a Crocodile Dundee wannabe.



L.A.M.B. Mandeville Satchel looks super stylish with Gwen Stefani because she managed to sing and dance like 15 year old cheer leader (and she  but if you are owned the brand) but if you are a 40 year old introvert librarian with 10 year old boy, did you manage to carry like what Gwen Stefani did? Your boy need her mum so please be one.


I came across a 19 year old who carry bag like she is a 40 year old. The reason is she is so into her mom stuff. I know mom is your best friend and vintage from mum is the most priceless but beware some classic vintage will make you look vintage.



Don’t be so excited to be matured. You might regret it 25 years later.



4. Watch what is in your closet.


 Buying a bag (especially an expensive one) is an investment. You will change your shirt everyday but you’ll probably carry the same bag almost every day. Try to get something that is versatile. I must say that black is the most flexible colour. If buying bag seems so rare  (which I think most likely not you) , make sure that you have at least a basic purse like


Yves Saint Laurent chocolate cruc nubuck wallet if you feeling like carrying light.



Shoulder bag like Bottega Venetta braided leather hobo for Sunday leisure,



A tote like Coach signature Leah tote for daily jeans and work,



and clutch like Hayden Harnet Delancy for dinner party.


Please, the rule of same colour for your bag and shoes is so yesterday!


If you are really kind really love match-matchy, tie a scarf that has the same colour on what you wearing on the strap of the bag. This technique only applies on medium to large bag.


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  1. COach SIgnature Leah looks good… I am actually looking for a bag to bring to work as my current one has just given way… any suggestion? Nothing too girly for me please…

    Comment by Cmate | December 20, 2008

  2. I am looking at Padini bag.. it is cheap.. around RM100 and still on sale. Not so feminine yet not so dirty masculine. VEry Metrosexual. If you are looking for high end, look for mulberry or CK at Garden MidValley…

    Comment by cutecarry | December 22, 2008

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