Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Body Glove Backpacks


All I want is a bottle of mineral water but I end up with four backpacks.

In this economic crunch, everybody seems to be aware about their spending; including me. I am really aware; of course. That is why I bought four.

Last week I am most popular tourist spot in the island known as Pearl Of the Orient, Penang on a strictly business trip!

But after ‘check in’ in the hotel room and unload my thing, I realized that I forgot the most essential elements, shaver and mineral water. So I put on my Padini hoodie, Levi’s and Ipanema flip flop and Guess vogue tote ( a most ridiculous match, but it is forgiven since I am in a free and easy island ) and head to the nearest 24/7 grocery (not 7/11 but Happy Mart; it’s everywhere here!). But on the way to the Happy Mart, I came across a poster with very familiar and irresistible words, 50% NATIONWIDE DISCOUNT! Before I knew it, I am in Body Glove!

This brand means a lot to me. Something that I used to really attached with. It was end of 90’s and early 2000’s and me as a young executive in Penang with minimum pay. I love Armani or Calvin Klein but more than half of my pay went to second hand car installment and maintenance. The rest of my pay is for petrol, food and a very tiny portion left to buy miscellaneous stuff. During that period, even Adidas seems really expensive!

But as an ‘aspiring stylenista’, I must wear and carry something branded, cheap, hip and young! One of brand that offered this is BodyGlove. I remember my collections of Body Glove slim tight fit tees (considered cool in during 90’s), cargo’s pants and a messenger bag which I keep slinging for almost 365 days a year. I don’t know where it’s gone, maybe somewhere in my parents house.

A quick info about Body Glove. It was founded by Bill and Bob Meistrell in 1953 to serve the watersport enthusiast needs. It is more than half a century and today, still maintaining the same concept, its still stand tall with other brand and offered very affordable and even cheap apparel.

Cheap is one the strong reason why I bought four BodyGlove Backpack; three Theidas and a Staby. As I mentioned before, I am not planning to buy anything but it is cost only RM39 (or around USD10). A very economically-friendly bags!


It is made from canvas with a big compartment on the front side. and I’m bet friendly on your back and shoulder!  It is simple and the colour just quite inviting. If I didn’t get any, I can’t leave this island. So on the way to Happy Mart and in less than 15 minutes in BodyGlove, I grab four BodyGloves!

I don’t really know what I am going to do with these four backpacks. BodyGlove is very stylish and hip but something telling me this is not my brand now. But I still strongly suggest for you visit BodyGlove for a young, active wear.

Now, the four still lying on my jati chair, I am still thinking what I am going to do with them. Perhaps as a souvenir for my super young brother and cousins when I come to visit them. Don’t know when, but one thing for sure, I know they will be more than happy!


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  1. FOUR Bjork???!!!! biar benar…different colours to match different outfits eh…hehhe

    Comment by ame | December 22, 2008

  2. i dont know what to do.. so it is for my cousins.. i dont even take one pun…

    Comment by cutecarry | December 22, 2008

  3. Hmmm – What about a post on when not to buy? 😉

    Comment by Simon | December 22, 2008

  4. i’ll think about it simon… when no to buy? still figure when…

    Comment by cutecarry | December 22, 2008

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