Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Gina’s bag!

“I am actually looking for a bag to bring to work as my current one has just given way… any suggestion? Nothing too girly for me please”…


That is from my dear friend, ‘uber-blooger’, Gina.


I love when people ask for my opinion. Especially when it is regarding what I love most, style, fashion, paperwork, public relations and love relations… ok… maybe not love. I am suck at it. The best thing if people ask for my opinion is I can erm… maybe can be a bit manipulative and a bit snob (action a bitlah!)… you know like ‘well… I know more than you!’…


No Gina, I am not going to be manipulative and snob to you (erm…………….) 


The key words are work and not too girly. But I would like to add something… stylish and season-proof. I will not going to suggest any backpack because it is outside the professional radar.   


These are my suggestions with a principle of ‘it’s ok for a girl to a bit masculine man bag but if man carry very feminine bag, he is something!’







I have like dozens of Padini shirt in my closet. The reason being is Padini really ‘fit’ my taste and budget. I can buy like almost 8 Padinis shirts (and maybe 14 during sale) if I trade in my Thomas Pink shirt. The cut fit my body perfectly and most of its shirt is wrinkle free. As a lazy-guy like me, ironing can be quite stressful. Some brand (even designers) claims that shirt is wrinkle free and guess what, I am shouting at myself when the shirt seems to wrinkle even when I am still wearing it.


Frankly, I don’t have any Padini bag, but I am planning to get one soon because now it is on sale. You can the bag for less than RM150 (around USD40). Most of the bags are very ‘metrosexual’ and it is sensible enough for a girl to carry it.


I saw my office mate carrying it and each time I am looking at their bag because Padini never failed to amaze me!







If I say Coach, I know some of my friend (especially someone who just bought new Coach!) will finally pay attention to me. Some are addicted to Coach because of it’s signature C print but I think the print seems so everywhere. So Gina, how about take a walk to their store to get this you can’t go wrong Transatlantic Leather Draft Tote for USD448.00.



If leather too serious for you  and your blog readers and mom will flop, why not try the nylon version only. It is more easy to pocket, cost only USD298.00.







If you are not into tote, why not go for messenger. It is cool to carry messenger especially if you are in  your office wear. You will look young, energetic and with a lot of creative thought (which is so you). That is the reason why I would suggest you Guess Roger messenger at only USD69.90!




Modern union soak bag


The print on this bag reminds me of the print on my shirt. I really into abstract at one point in my life where almost everything abstract. Straps af the bottom of Modern Union Soak bag are designed to carry a yoga mat. But even if you are not practising any type of yoga, this bag can be your flexible public eye-catcher!


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  1. I am honoured for this post. Hehehe!

    The black nylon one looks great. I just might go with that. Once i have the budget, of course. But the last one ain’t that bad either. Maybe I’ll get both!

    Comment by Cmate | December 23, 2008

  2. great… i a season proof and basic bag is an investment; actually even I dont know which one of mine is investment and and which one to match the season!

    Comment by cutecarry | December 24, 2008

  3. Do you know where people can get a GalileoScope?

    Comment by jason kenny | January 17, 2009

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