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Celeb and Carry- Victoria Beckham


No girl can go out shopping in Milan with the most stylish ex-couple in the world but still managed to grab all attention (especially from the paparazzi) except Victoria. Even the pose and photo look like it is pre-arranged; where the publicist called the paparazzi before they go out shopping, this is one of the best Victoria look after she cut her hair.

She look stunning in her own label, faux fur shrug, Louboutin heels and of course she must carry something from the ex couple, Dolce and Gabbana custom made Crocodile collection. Others from crocodile collection including custom made weekend bags and briefcase. I think this bag is one from the One Of A Kind Bag Collection, which is a really exclusive and you might have to wait before you can even smell the bag. But it is worth a wait because a metal label inside is engraved with your name. How many people that you know can get their name on a designer bag? If you can do it, well you are one of a kind!


If Posh got his crocodile bag, how about Beckham. He will be upset if he knows that Victoria carries a Dolce and Gabbana crocodile bag and he didn’t. Maybe with that thought, Dolce and Gabbana also launched a One of Kind Men bags collection. Specially made for those who desire to be different and exceptionally unique. Most of the design is slightly different from the rest of the bag you saw on Dolce and Gabbana racks. It must be different, because it may cost you like USD50K a piece!

Unfortunately, even you have the cash now, you can’t order it online because you have to put your name on the list at Dolce and Gabbana store and wait like three months, that is only if you are lucky! This bag is limited to handful of invitees only!


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Lanvin Gourmet 22 Faubourg tote


This holiday season will end in a few weeks but a designer already prepare something on what you should carry on your very next holiday!


If you’re feeling you need something that is fun with a multicolored canvas for your next holiday season, a visit to Lanvin to get this canvas Gourmet 22 fouburg tote will do you good. It is really captivating to watch colourful tote because we’ll never know what is going to happen in 2009; especially when it is related to economic situation.


The woman in one shoulder short dress on the tote screams ‘fabulous’. Maybe she is hoping brighter economic future next year. This is not a tote I am hoping from Lanvin because most of their runway looks are on a dark shade and structured dresses. But maybe this is their hint about what next on the Lanvin runway.


For USD680 at net-a-porter.  Quite pricey for a canvas tote. If this is a normal tote, that is ridiculously high (especially this time). But maybe you can get it; the reason and consolation is the word Lanvin on it!


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