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Old Town White Coffee Toilet (Male, Female and In between)


I am blogging from Old Town White Coffee.

Still waiting for my Omega half boiled eggs but I keep waiting and anticipating for about an hour. Talk about efficient service.

But maybe they are too busy because it is like hundreds of customers munching Old Town infamous ‘roti kaya’ and sipping the delicious caffeine white coffee. That’s ok. I forgive them because I am addicted to their coffee. It is like 1000000x better than StarBucks. FYI I was born and raised in a small city, so my tongue will always be small city boy type, nothing can change that even if Hermes offered me free Birkin for life. If Naomi and Elle offered me to join them to ‘reborn’ Fashion Café, I will accept with one condition, the menu must be a fusion of small city food and fashion food.

OldTown Kopitiam is the most gender friendly restaurant in Malaysia. Why? let see





I guess this is In Between Toilet because it has no sign.


Me posing between Female and In Between toilet



So if you are In Between, you should thanks OldTown Kopitiam!


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Azwan Ali on the cover of JomStar


Hail to the Queen of Laser, bigger than dynamite and sharp as samurai sword, Azwan Ali.  He doesn’t care about what people said, he is just being himself.

We can hate him, we can love him but one thing that we can’t do is to ignore him.

I can’t say that I am 100% agree with him (especially his sharp tongue) but I give him 10 for effort and being himself.

Now he is on the cover of JomStar —>click here, just wait what next.

With au natural make up, he looks flawless.

 Better stay away from heavy do Azwan, or you’ll end looking like Dame Edna!


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Black Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

It is totally fashion mishap! I am shivering on my way to my friend Chinese New Year eve family dinner.  There are like thousand scenes on my mind. One of it is Pizza Hut commercial, the one with fussy Chinese mother in law and Indian daughter in law. Only this is a guest in a chinese dinner family version.


 What am I thinking? Black on Chinese New Year eve dinner? Black means bad luck to Chinese and as a guest and not a drop of Chinese blood in my body, here I am “the ever daydream fashion bloggers in black Zara top and velvet jeans with white fedora!”

But like the Pizza Hut commercial, everyone happy . No one ever say anything about my black top and some of the family members even in their black attire. But I promise myself to wear red next year …

I can’t stop eating…

before the dinner, a quick snap

before the dinner, a quick snap




yee sang time

yee sang time

Food, food and food

Food, food and food

Fusion dinner, satay and beriani

Fusion dinner, satay and beriani

Look at the oranges

Look at the oranges

 Thanks for inviting me and I really enjoy every moments of the dinner…

Finally, black choc cake..

Finally, black choc cake..






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David, Victoria Beckham strips for Armani ad

Vogue Russia, February 2009

Vogue Russia, February 2009


The title is only a gimmick to get more traffic. Sex is an important element to get hits and I am applying it now.

This is what Russia did to Victoria Skinny Beckham. The hat, the shoot, the touch up and all the technique make her look like a “modern grooming skinny” version of Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova aka Grand Duchess Anastasia of Russia.

Now the sex part.

Before this the hubby and now the wife. They just can’t put their pants on. That’s ok because they are paid millions from Mr. Armani just to show their stuff (especially Victoria bones and fake boobs!). To view click here.   


Something we get too much of it.  

Sometimes I get bored with it. Is this an early symptom of menopause?

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Michelle Obama ‘Miss America’ Gown

Obama Inauguration

I just love, love, love this Jason Wu dress. I am not the only one because almost 88 percent said yes to this dress in a poll by Associated Press-Knowledge Network.

This dress was made from beautiful fabric petal and dotted with beads. This is glamour, glamour and full glamour. Imagine if she is in boring black dress, people won’t be buzzing!

Quick Cutepidia- Jason Wu is a 26 year old designer. Born in Taiwan and attended Parson School of Design New York. He is also interned for Narciso Rodriguez (remember the red dress on nomination night), another Michelle Obama favourite designer.

Seems she is just like her husband who wants to “create a better ties with other countries and race shouldn’t be an issue”. All her favourite designers are not really typical American designer but from different races like Jason-Taiwan and Narciso from Cuba.


My suggest is to pair this with Lanvin Pop fold-over clutch for GBP883.83 at net-a-porter.








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Men Fashion- Gucci ‘Skinny’ Winter 09-10


To all Gucci kids, starve yourself! Gucci latest goodies is nothing but skinny. Everything is skinny, from the square jackets, pants and even the models. We can see they are so skinny and ridiculously fabulous. Now you know why I am trying my best to stay skinny. I don’t eat; I ran few miles per session just because I am still waiting my shot to grace the Gucci runaway! hope, hope and hope!



Gucci Fall Winter 09-10 was presented on 19th Jan in Milan. While most of the designer tends to keep it low key and stick to dull colour and blame the economy, Gucci embrace life and the result bright colours shirt rules the stage. It is interesting to see strong bright tone shirt with softer tone collars pairs with tight jackets. It is like an office scene from Ugly Betty. Gay and straight dress in formal, exclusive, fun and maybe sometime unthinkable and unreachable!

My credit is to the stylist for the contra shirt-tie match; very bold indeed. A big slap to a bunch of people who always said about my tie and shirt does notmatch and it is wrong. I am not interested in a matchy-matchy person type and Gucci approve me.


Bold doesn’t stop there. It is only on the bag. Studs details are everywhere and notice the mysterious braid. It does remind me of Marc Jacobs Stam, the only different is Gucci is probably leather braid while Marc Jacobs is chain.


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Catfight- Armani vs Dolce and Gabbana


You may hate me but I am kind like enjoying this. It is a collision between two giants on the land of pizza, Italy. Giorgio Armani vs. Dolce and Gabbana. Yes, yes, yes.

It is all about a pair of pants called Trousergate. Mr. Armani accusing Dolce and Gabbana copy quilted pants and presented it on a runaway. Mr. Armani even told reporters “Now they copy me. Tomorrow they will learn, I would understand if they were nobodies. But honestly!”.

For me, this is such a waste of time. This is fashion, it is all about copying and imitating.Can you imagine the only tweed suit manufactured only in Chanel factory and jeans only from Levis? I can’t!

I don’t really like the pants, honestly!


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Michelle Obama fashion/Inaugaration Day


Glamour day..

For your info, Michelle is wearing Isabel Toledo and sexy, very sexy green Jimmy Choo. You can wear this pumps with jeans.

Icon, Icon and Icon.

Barack Obama is getting white, whiter and whitest everyday!

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Men Fashion- Dolce & Gabbana latest IT accesories


Two things caught my attention at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 runaway.  Not the extra expensive one of a kind crocodile bags but the huge frame glasses and handkerchiefs.( I am not writing about handkerchief because it is nothing to talk about!)  This is not a huge sunglasses but oversized clear glasses for us to read. Yes. This maybe the next fashion statement.  It looks weird now, but once David Beckham spotted with a pair, that’s it. The late Yves St Laurent wore this. So, if your face fit the big frame, put it on. Even it is nothing wrong with your eyes, put it on. Create a statement.



I am not sure how long this trend will last but if you are currently into thrifty  mood and Dolce and Gabbana out of wallet reach, opt for something from least expensive brand or no brand. Least expensive means from TopShop; I saw pairs of clear glasses and it is cost around USD12. No brand means you can get a pair for less than USD3 at flea markets or booths.  

I am not trying to be snob, but I am into oversized frame long before Nicole Ritchie and The Olsens . Initially it looks weird and my friends teased with Qs like ‘are you wearing your grandfather glasses’ or  ‘you look like Ahmad Jais’ but look who laughing now? Me because I start it first and you not!

I still can’t part with my huge shades. It is a life saver.


Dolce & Gabbana images from

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Once a man – Patricia Araujo


She is once a man and she steals everything from a real women; including attention at Rio Fashion Week. It is a  matter of time before she steals your man.  Yeah, your man will say I don’t do man but if you leave him alone in one room with transsexual like this, don’t you think something will happened?

Patricia Araujo is a transsexual actress who owned almost everything, money, fame and fan after she loose something between the legs. But I believe she can’t get this by just undergone sessions of  operations and injections, she must have strong real men need. When a real men want something, he will go for it. Just like Patricia, in order to get that body and face, she probably ran 2 miles a day after 2 hours of yoga session and applying all the beauty cream we can imagine before going to bed!

So girls, if you think you unattractive, it is probably, you don’t work hard enough. Remember, beauty is 50% given to you by God and 50% of hard work.

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