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Calvin Klein document messenger

It’s been like forever since my last update on this entry. No thanks to the evil viruses that attacked my computer and destroyed almost everything. Many thanks to Man. He is a computer technician and using his special touch this Dell is as good as ever now. He can be considered genius in a world of Computer Bimboland (I am in that land).  The viruses are so cruel and kind like vanishing my entire document. I partly blamed dozens of pen drives that ‘enter’ this Dell because they are the reason why my computer gets infected. So guys, remember virus is dangerous, always be careful. Staying loyal to the one and only does has it advantage!

But you can’t just loyal to one friend. I have quite a numbers of loyal and best friends. One of them is Giro. So last weekend I went to Pavilion KL with him and as usual when with Giro, I laughed like crazy. He is as funny as ever! (and even accidently bump into his long lost scandal! opss, what a coincidence!).

My loyalty is not only to human but to the epitome of minimalism luxury, Calvin Klein. (ok…CK is human but I am loyal to the other version, the CK fashion.)  I felt in love to Ck beginning in 1990’s where Kate Moss as an underage skinny girls posing in CK jeans and tank top is on almost every magazines.  Since then, I am a devoted and loyal ‘Cksters’-FYI we don’t have that term in 1990’s. I have almost everything CK. From underwear to bag; which the last bag I purchased last weekend with Giro is Calvin Klein Jeans documents messenger bag.


The material used for this bag is probably a mix between soft patent leather and PU. It is simple.  The overall appearance and shape of the bag is kind like a boring bag that probably will be a free gift in a financial accounting seminar.  It has two handles and adjustable sling. But why on earth I bought this bag?


The first reason is the words “Calvin Klein Jeans” engraved all over the bag. The details are like so stylish- not only because the words but the engravement is something like visible to invincible! That is so CK effor tless  chic principle.

The second reason is this can act as my formal and casual bag. It is like with this bag, my view will be heard when I am in a  breakfast meeting with an accounting and audit officers  and in it is acceptable to be sling across my Thundercat Topman tees.

The third reason is it is on SALE. I am on my bag diet when but when it is on 50% discount, I just grab, head to the cashier and pay around USD65. It is freakin cheap!  Calvin Klein Jeans store is having a nationwide SALE.   I am not sure until when but I suggest you to just go now!

The final reason is it is Calvin Klein.

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  1. I have been looking for a messenger bag like this! I do like the detailed “Calvin Klein Jeans” on there. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    Comment by Michael H. | January 4, 2009

  2. you’re welcome. the other version of the bag with the detailed calvin klein is messenger sans handle.

    Comment by cutecarry | January 5, 2009

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