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The Kitty Story

Kitty and teriyaki

Kitty and teriyaki

Something struck me last night and it happened on a ground floor of my apartment building. It is about a cat, or a kitten to be exact. I don’t know where it comes from but this little thing screaming and want to follow me. I can see from the way she acts, she must be hungry so I feed her with my canned fish teriyaki . The teriyaki should be my dinner but I felt so relieve and ‘something’ when I can shared the teriyaki fish with this kitten.

For your info, I am not easily touched. I didn’t cry when I watched Titanic and felt nothing when my favourite contestant is eliminated from Malaysian Idol or America Next Top Model. But this kitty really kind like make me thinking. There are so many people out there like kitty. They are hungry; not because they trying to be like Victoria Beckham but they don’t have any money to buy food. I read somewhere about a shoplifting mother was sentenced two day jailed and fine. The reason for her act is she must feed her children and eight younger siblings but she doesn’t have enough fund. She had recently lost her job when the factory she worked in closed down.

This is the harsh reality of current economic situation. I am a bit depressed last year when I saw someone carrying an oversized man Birkin because the bag should be mine but the depressed mom steals food to feed her family. It is something for us to think about. I don’t mean we should stop buying expensive thing but at the same time we should do our part to help the needy. When you really want to help, you’ll find way to help.


If you have the fund, it is nothing can stop you from getting this Coach Legacy Crocodile Medium duffle. Cost at USD12000, it is like a King in a world of Coach.

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Celeb and Carry- Liv and Givenchy


It is 1995 and in a college room, me and my friend Marie discussing about what is in a fashion magazine called Mode Women. I am not sure if the publication still exists but one thing for sure the fashion we discuss still exist; and it is Givenchy. This brand is nothing like a normal trend back in 1990’s where everything is minimal. Givenchy looks so odd back then. Unfortunately, it still looks odd now if judging from Liv Tyler bag. The shape is just ok but the oversized crested is a big turnoff. It looks like a brand from owned by a depressed ex-hustler. But it is not all a turnoff from Givenchy, if you don’t believe me, just click here!

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Azlina birthday gift- Coach Kristin hobo

Azlina and I

Azlina and I

The above pic was taken during one of the simplest yet exclusive and beautiful wedding I’ve ever attended. I still remember my dear friend Azlina and her hubby Mizul looks like a fairy tale prince and princess in Syaiful Baharim. She is a girl who fall into an effortless chic category who never try too much but her style still very impressive. Unlike me, sometimes I look like a walking fashion specimen BUT I always can get away by saying “this is fashion” or “hello…. I saw David Beckham in this very same style” or “did you ever read Harpers or Vogue?!’.

Her latest Coach leather Kristin just proved that she is someone that still managed to stich to her fashion pronciple even now she is very pregnant. This effortless hobo is a birthday present from her Mizul and  it is so  Azlina.

The birthday gift... and can you see my reflection?
The birthday gift… .. erm can you see my reflection?

Kristin hobo is something that I will suggest if you want to get something leather from Coach. This is a bag that you can carry every year because the style won’t fade. Mizul bought this is KLCC Coach boutique. But if you want it to be delivered to your office so you can proudly tell everyone you bought something spectacular, it is a click away only USD598 at coach.

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