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Valentino Glamorous tote


Girls…This is what you should ask from your other half if he is trying to make up with you. Instead of boring roses, you must ask him to buy this flowery…. Or should I say a lot of ‘flowers’ in a form of Valentino Glamorous tote. The calf leather petals look amazingly crafted but this tote WILL or SHOULDN’T be your everyday tote. It is too much flowers in one grab. The reasons why you should ask your man to buy you this is it is not a typical leather tote  because of the petals, obviously and it will be easily recognize as Valentino, also because of the petals (again obviously), if you are in a crowd of rich fashionista.

Glamorous is a tote that is made to only be shown on a very limited event and only certain outfit. You won’t caught dead carrying this over and over again or end up being called flower freak girl. For those who like to carry Glamorous, I would like to recommend something that is just simple, ordinary and modern, something like this Armani Collezioni at saks. You’ll be amazed the attentions you get once you step into the room. This is not a great tote but it has surprise element.


Valentino Glamorous tote at Neiman Marcus for USD2995. Remember; don’t use your money to buy this.

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