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Porsche White Collection

When I think of Porsche, I will think of boring, conventional design. Most of the design is not stylish at all and it is a negative in my style pH. Nothing great, if I ever stop at Porsche counter at KLIA, I just stop just to say hi to my friend, the beautiful Suzie who works as a Porsche sales personnel. The rack just didn’t give any impact and it doesn’t make me to browse the collection for more than 1 minutes. In short, the car is sexy but the shirt just suck.


With all my impression about Porsche it is kind like change, a bit when I saw Porsche white Collection. It is quite ok. It doesn’t make me jump out of bed and call Suzie to reserve something from White Collection but if I have extra money, I’ll probably buy it (I don’t know when it happened). The white is just like quite hip. I am thinking someone like Kanye West carries the briefcase and wears the shades.  He likes white isn’t it? I am ‘thinking’ about the jacket. I don’t see it for real but from the photo it is not bad. My only concern if the cut is suitable for me. It looks quite hip but I can’t stop thinking about Porsche target market is kind like for rich, typical masculine formal man. If they keep with that concept, the jacket is so not me.


The credit card holder look ‘quite cute’, maybe I can pay a visit to Suzie to ask for her opinion. Hmmm…..


For white experience, visit the site.


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