Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

THE NEW ME..mmmmm

This even is special only for Sogo S Card holder and my first SALE I’ve ever attended in 2009 and I made it! Actually I knew nothing about the SOGO KL Preview SALE.  It just happened that I am there accompanying my cousin Nurol to buy stocks for her new store. On the way to the warehouse, I saw a   long queue to the Sogo entrance. I mean not like normal long queue, but a queue with a guy shouting at the Sogo staff because he is not allowed to enter. The reason is he doesn’t have S card like me. For heaven sake, it is just a Preview Sale with up to 70% less; why he must act like a moron? What a loser!

 I did not receive any invitation damn, but that’s ok. I believe it is the law of attraction in action. I promised myself to watch my spending in 2009 and Sogo management stop sending invitation to  the preview SALE like they used to do! damn

But the most important thing here, I did it. Finally I managed to control my lust during SALE. Yes… I managed to do it. This is the new me. The new me who just ignore the circus in stock clearance section.  The new me who don’t really go insane with the word 70% discount. The new me who managed to keep cash in wallet.  The new me who just can sleep well even after not really buying. Well… Sort of!


I did buy something at Sogo Preview SALE. But it is only a tiny weeny stuff. Nothing much. Just a new Report white front half pleated white shirt.   It is on 50% discount, and goes down to USD15. It is damn cheap I’ll kill myself if I don’t buy it I always wanted a clean, white front pleated shirt. The cotton material is so soft and easy to iron. I don’t have much white shirt, maybe only 4, but never pleated. So it is just an addition in my closet next to my white checked details Topman shirt.


 I also would like to tell you that the patent leather Braun Buffel also on 50% discount. It is an exclusive shiny patent leather Braun buffel satchel that can really easily matched with my new Report pleated white shirt. I will be known as the most stylish guy in pleated shirt and patent leather satchel! I almost buy it, but I stick to my new resolution. This is new me.

But the satchel look so irresistible….erm…

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