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Sunday with Style

Nothing can beat the feeling of peace and relax on Sunday morning especially if I start my day with Kaya butter toast, Omega half boiled eggs and iced white coffee at infamous Old Town white Coffee kopitiam. It will be like in heaven if at the same time I am reading the uber and ultra stylish Style Magazine.
I know about the existence of this magazine when my BFF, the exotic Som from Borneo keep mentioning about this magazine. It is not really easy to get this magazine in this part of the world because it is only available at certain store. But now I know where to get it, luckily it is not really far from my house. It is at the newsstand near the Old Town restaurant in South City Plaza. On that Sunday morning, I am alone and I need to read something fashionable while munching at the Old Town toasts. Plus when I am reading fashion magazine, it will give other diners an impression that I am a super stylish fashion people.

Style magazine is something that is everyone can read. It is not only for high end group. I will say it is a very friendly magazine instead of some so called fashion magazines that should be known as advert magazines!  I just love everything about the magazine, especially about the men fashion. Very  real.   Plus finally a magazine that bold enough to call someone Aunt Anna (read page 116 January issue). 

Men fashion report; AWESOME!

Men fashion report; AWESOME!


People judge from what you read, most of the time! It is not always working especially when I failed an interview for a bank executive in 1990’s. I kind like ‘read’ financial money magazine (I can’t remember what is the name) while waiting for an interview and the panels seems so impressive (at first) but I didn’t get the position when they ask me what I read (eventually, it just so coincidence that one of the panel read the same issue night before). Well, at least they praise my shiny yellow fluorescent tie. My father yelled yell at me after when he found out that I am on that tie for an interview. For real dad, it is really IN. Even Versus goes all fluorescent back then!

Please get one Style magazine from Mediacorp.. it is really worth it.


My fav supermodel, Azura Awang looks polished and beautiful as ever

My fav supermodel, Azura Awang looks polished and beautiful as ever

On the right is Cleo and my trusted Calvin Klein leather wallet

The Style mag. while on the right is Cleo and my trusted Calvin Klein leather wallet

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Celestina black sea shell clutch


I know this clutch can’t really stand it on its own because of it is unsymmetrical shape but it is surprisingly chic. It is not like that kind of chic that almost everyone carries after Anna Wintour declares it chic; but this is a chic and unique bag. Plus this will be never two same clutches because it is made from a real black shell clutch, kind of shell you find on the beach. You won’t find your normal officemate own a clutch made from black shell clutch, and if they ever own one it might be in their living room aquarium. So if you are carries this to company dinner, I’ll bet you’ll invite a lot of stares and queries. It going to be an exciting night. You are carrying a unique piece that is chic and guess what no one can get the same clutch. Black sea shell clutch for GBP547.66 at net-a-porter. Unique stuff also comes with ‘unique condition’. Black sea shell can’t be ship outside EU.




A unique clutch need not so typical dress like Alexander Mcqueen Striped knit column dress with padded angular shoulders for GBP994.21 at net –a-porter. This dress will give you slim illusion because of the combination of optical print and the structured shoulders. If you can, avoid too colourful print dress.


A unique clutch and not so typical dress need something sweet like Kate Spade black patent leather Gina peep toe pump at USD148.99 @ bluefly.

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