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LV Graffiti Gym Set

louis-vuitton-gym-set2I love working out in a gym. It is kind like release everything, especially when I took a cold to warm shower after the session. Workout will be more ‘effective’ if I can get this Louis Vuitton Graffiti Gym Set. It is also come with Head band and grips in acrylic, polyester, and elastodiene I am not impressed with the graffiti but you know how many people that I know in my gym owned a LV towel? Let me think…. None!

It is a powerful tool for me to show off, just like one muscle freak guy in the gym that lift the most heavy dumb bell and can’t stop looking at himself at the mirror.  He did that just after I failed to lift “the not so heavy dumb bell”. Why he must wear the muscle tee even after the workout session? It is so 80’s, and I am not talking the hot 80’s style like Stephen Sprouse. It is so 80’s that is so outdated.

 Let me tell you Mr. Muscle Freak, sometimes you look like a cast of Gorilla in the Midst! I am so sorry, bit too far right?

 This is something from Stephen Sprouse Collection. Louis Vuitton Graffiti Gym Set for USD370 at eluxury. Erm… excuse towel and few items for that price? Oh… that is so LV.


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