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I was invited to a premiere screening of a movie called Sifu dan Tonga. The movie revolves about a couple of guy from a searching for a girl that had been kidnapped from their tribe. They are actually a tribe that from a group that ran into the woods during Japanese occupation in Malaya back in 1952. A greedy magazine editor kidnapped the girl to get money and to become a chief editor or something. In the end, the tribe defeated the bad guys.End of story.

I know I am really bad story teller, so if you want to know the rest of this ‘adventurous’ movie, go and watch the movie yourself.

Frankly, I am not really interested to tell you about the movie because I am not really into the movie. Well its like with that big names and that is what we get?

But the adventure began before the screening. There are not enough seats available. Even the actors running up and down searching for a seat! FYI, I am comfortably seat and watch the drama.


The most dramatic thing is some audiences sitting on the aisle! I can hear Fauziah Ghaouse said “I want to go back!” Poor Fauziah. But she is a star of the night. Fauziah looks very comfortable and young in a cute short white dress with a zebra print clutch. She looks ‘quite’ effortless. Adorable! Luckily she managed to get a seat.


Me (in TopMan shirt under vintage vest,Excel Polyster pants and Calvin Klein Jeans sling bag) with Fauziah Ghaouse.


I am not sure what brand but I juz love the shape and print. But if you like something like that, take a look at felicity or  zappos


She is still beautiful. What happened to some believe that if you are pregnant, you are going to be really chubby? Not her. She is slim as ever. Pregnant? What you mean pregnant?

Erra is carrying something form LV Multicolore collection. Take cue from Erra and you’ll get street wear in luxury mode. LV monogram multicolore at eluxury.


Azwan Ali and Ikram (who appear like 2 minutes in the movie), Nabil and Apek

Yusry and fan

Yusry and fan

Yusry, the man responsible for the CGI effect.

Apek and Nabil having fun

Apek and Nabil having fun

Both are rich but I really hope they can at least get a fashion stylist. Guys, this is your movie premiere. Why don’t you wear something that is a bit different from your ‘wet market’ jeans and t-shirt?

Nabil and reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

Nabil is swarmed by the reporters after the premiere. This talented young guy will be very big one day,believe me.

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