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Men Fashion – Lacoste Flight bag


Duffel is not only for gym and you know that! It can be very handy weekend bag. I am a frequent travel   and sometimes I carry only if it just only one night stand stay.  Duffel is not kind of bags that me (and you!) to carry to mall (except after gym session), so airport is the place where I can be seen with my stylish duffel. I can’t part with my black Calvin Klein duffel because it is easy to carry.  

If you want to be seen at airport, this is the duffel. Lacoste Nylon bag, the ultimate flight bag. The green will make others green with envy at the check in counter or at the airport café while you having your quick caffeine break. Plus the medium size makes it easy for the flight stewardess to arrange it with other bag in the cabin compartment, and she will give special attention to this bag!

Lacoste Nylon for USD105 at Saks.


Abercrombie & Fitch hoodie


Even if you in hot country, if you are in the airport it is chilled because of the air-cond. So put on Abercrombie Hoodie.  USD80 at Abercrombie & Fitch.



Rogan Jeans


Slim leg jeans. It looks good with hoodie sweater. Try it and you know what I mean. USD137 at bluefly.

Puma shoes


Effortless statement shoes, Puma Motorazzo Ducati .USD99.99 at footlocker (why don’t just put it as USD100. I know it is because the physiological reason but 99.99 kinds like irritating!)


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  1. Ales Cul i love you 😉

    Comment by Coloo | August 23, 2009

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