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Men Fashion- Dolce & Gabbana latest IT accesories


Two things caught my attention at the Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009 runaway.  Not the extra expensive one of a kind crocodile bags but the huge frame glasses and handkerchiefs.( I am not writing about handkerchief because it is nothing to talk about!)  This is not a huge sunglasses but oversized clear glasses for us to read. Yes. This maybe the next fashion statement.  It looks weird now, but once David Beckham spotted with a pair, that’s it. The late Yves St Laurent wore this. So, if your face fit the big frame, put it on. Even it is nothing wrong with your eyes, put it on. Create a statement.



I am not sure how long this trend will last but if you are currently into thrifty  mood and Dolce and Gabbana out of wallet reach, opt for something from least expensive brand or no brand. Least expensive means from TopShop; I saw pairs of clear glasses and it is cost around USD12. No brand means you can get a pair for less than USD3 at flea markets or booths.  

I am not trying to be snob, but I am into oversized frame long before Nicole Ritchie and The Olsens . Initially it looks weird and my friends teased with Qs like ‘are you wearing your grandfather glasses’ or  ‘you look like Ahmad Jais’ but look who laughing now? Me because I start it first and you not!

I still can’t part with my huge shades. It is a life saver.


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