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Men Fashion- Gucci ‘Skinny’ Winter 09-10


To all Gucci kids, starve yourself! Gucci latest goodies is nothing but skinny. Everything is skinny, from the square jackets, pants and even the models. We can see they are so skinny and ridiculously fabulous. Now you know why I am trying my best to stay skinny. I don’t eat; I ran few miles per session just because I am still waiting my shot to grace the Gucci runaway! hope, hope and hope!



Gucci Fall Winter 09-10 was presented on 19th Jan in Milan. While most of the designer tends to keep it low key and stick to dull colour and blame the economy, Gucci embrace life and the result bright colours shirt rules the stage. It is interesting to see strong bright tone shirt with softer tone collars pairs with tight jackets. It is like an office scene from Ugly Betty. Gay and straight dress in formal, exclusive, fun and maybe sometime unthinkable and unreachable!

My credit is to the stylist for the contra shirt-tie match; very bold indeed. A big slap to a bunch of people who always said about my tie and shirt does notmatch and it is wrong. I am not interested in a matchy-matchy person type and Gucci approve me.


Bold doesn’t stop there. It is only on the bag. Studs details are everywhere and notice the mysterious braid. It does remind me of Marc Jacobs Stam, the only different is Gucci is probably leather braid while Marc Jacobs is chain.



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