Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Michelle Obama ‘Miss America’ Gown

Obama Inauguration

I just love, love, love this Jason Wu dress. I am not the only one because almost 88 percent said yes to this dress in a poll by Associated Press-Knowledge Network.

This dress was made from beautiful fabric petal and dotted with beads. This is glamour, glamour and full glamour. Imagine if she is in boring black dress, people won’t be buzzing!

Quick Cutepidia- Jason Wu is a 26 year old designer. Born in Taiwan and attended Parson School of Design New York. He is also interned for Narciso Rodriguez (remember the red dress on nomination night), another Michelle Obama favourite designer.

Seems she is just like her husband who wants to “create a better ties with other countries and race shouldn’t be an issue”. All her favourite designers are not really typical American designer but from different races like Jason-Taiwan and Narciso from Cuba.


My suggest is to pair this with Lanvin Pop fold-over clutch for GBP883.83 at net-a-porter.









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  1. white is in for 2009! and an obvious choice for Miss Universe-destined-to-be-Winners for past years…

    Comment by lonely in gorgeous | January 22, 2009

  2. Yes.. very right. very the miss universe. But i must choose the very right white lah. if not i look washed out!

    Comment by cutecarry | January 22, 2009

  3. wah-wah.. maks pun suka beg itu, tapi gown tu tak suka sangatlah.. tapi maks kan buta fesyen, so abaikan le

    bila masa plak kamu buat blog ni, tak habag pun..

    Comment by Chi | January 22, 2009

  4. chi, but fesyen means someone yang pakai fake ataupun fake item. seperti Gucci yang dibeli di petaling street or prada first class yang dibeli di jalan2 di bangkok.
    if you are not this, so you are not buta fesyen

    Comment by cutecarry | January 23, 2009

  5. wahh.. disebabkan mak beli ORIGINAL coach n other types of handbag, kiranye mak tak buta fesyen la ek?? hehehe

    Comment by Chi | February 5, 2009

  6. betul u ols.. u ols tak buta fesyen. at least you go for the ori and the ori

    Comment by cutecarry | February 5, 2009

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