Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

My love…

This is the best time in my life and it is gone like how we almost the same time we took to finish Filet –o- fish with fries by the side and diet coke of course…

I am spending my quality time with the love of my life, my niece Dinah at her favourite place McDonalds. She loves camera and shoes, shirt, skirt, bracelet… I wonder where she gets that kind of interest  from!!!




137 1391


Uncle love you!!!!

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Hang Tuah Mausoleum

Hang Tuah is a Malay warrior (I imagined him tall, tanned, lean muscular and not so friendly face) and as far as the old movies and books (that I read) is concern, nobody knows where his grave is.

I am so surprised when I am seen a Hang Tuah Mausoleum at Tanjung Keling, Malacca.





It is a long grave. He is tall!

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Grooming talk at Tanjung Keling, Malacca

To convey one of the most important lessons that are how to dress at least on par and to detect bad breath, I am willing to go anywhere.


My usual venue for my talk is hotels or offices but now it is quite different. I was invited to conduct my slot in a colonial building in Tanjung Keling, Malacca. It is a very unique by the Straits of Malacca; you can smell and feel the sea breeze. But at the same time, it is kinda scary. The building reminds me of Harry Potter School, without the witches. But who knows probably there are more than witches roaming around….

If you are not scared, please imagine me posing in that diva-in-wonderland the haunted ghost. If that also failed to scare you, you are heartless!






Thanks to the organizer, I don’t have to stay at the old scary building.

Maybe I am famously known for my diva attitude; they provide me a room, big one at Everly Hotel, Malacca.




Love it…thanks guy

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Y3 Logo Shopper

If I conduct a survey, what is the top 10 designer in Malaysia, I am pretty sure Yohji Yamamoto is not on the list. Not because Yohji failed to come out with great design because it is not easily available in Malaysia, therefore it is not a household name in Malaysia. Not YET

Y3 is a genius marriage between Yohji and an athletic giant Adidas.


If I ever sling this statement Y3 shopper, I am not sure if I can get as much attention compared to if I carry Gucci or Prada if I am in a pedestrian crowd!  But it is a big matter if people don’t know what are we carrying?

The answer is NO considered it is a stylish in sporty category bag. The adjustable strap make it is an easy for a sleek messenger or an easy to carry satchel. Plus, the colour is classic and can be easily blend with almost any of our track, tees or jeans. The tall shape is practical to carry our sport essentials to chemicals book!

The answer is YES because if I fork out USD195 (well, it is not really expensive, but still!!), of course I want people to know I am carrying something from designer line with a price tag that I can be proud of!

Y3 bag at eluxury.

 Here are some of the Y3 worth seeing. It is nothing like Adidas but if you are willing to spend money on designer line sport attire, so you are ready to sweat on that treadmill to lost that extra tyre! (Used this when you feel like skipping your gym session today).



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ISAAC MIZRAHI Fall 09 – only clown do it better

Isaac Mizrahi Fall 2009 just love to have fun.



 During Fall 09 in New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, he became too innovative and used handbag as a hat. I hope his objective is only to inject a joke and not to start this as a trend. Bag is best left to be carried, and not on head. You’ll can never get it right, only clown can!



The rest of the collection, without the hat, just fabulous. Great colour, body compliment. Of course it is whimsical, but wearable! Just don’t put everything in one go.

The whimsical is like Alice in Wonderland in a Katy Perry Mood. It  looks weird but still fabulous. If you are a very boring person, you’ll probably will hate this collection but if you are kind like experimental and try to inject humour after working like 25 hours a day for the rest of the week, why not try at least a piece of Isaac for this season.


 My ‘eyes just like freezing at the plaid skirt, or could I say it look like a ‘kain pelikat’ inspired design. FYI, kain pelikat is one of the most used sarong especially for Malay man in Malaysia.

Shop for the cheaper version, Isaac for Target.

 Before you go, I would like to wear my Thomas Pink Purse Hat for my next meeting with Isaac Mizrahi!


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Oscar ‘CuteCarry’ Dress Award

Best Dressed Award


Two toned never look better like YSL dress on Kate Winslet. The one shoulder dress with silk and lace fabric just scream “I AM THE WINNER OF THE NIGHT”. If this is not a winner, I don’t know what. The reason for her to be in this list is she is just liked so perfect. From the hair, the makeup and definitely the dress.

Plus she looks a bit thin!


Best Shiny Award


Anne Hathaway almost never failed to amaze me when she graces the red carpet! She did not win any, but she is the winner of Most Shiny Award.

She is wearing a typical Armani Prive dress but nothing typical on how she carries the dress.  The dress glow even in her simple make up and classic do!  No unwanted necklace (that will only distract the overall attention), no unwanted colour, no fake smile.

 Just Anne and Armani!


Best Vintage Award


Some vintage looks like a secondhand dress from a bundle shop but I give her bundles of compliment for Penelope Cruz in cream Balmain. This dramatic dress that is just sweet without the feeling of being dramatic. So couture but not that ridiculous couture. Get me?  

As the rules saying, people who are not too tall should avoid wearing length dress that can swipe the floor. Penelope breaks the rules and she hit it.

But I am not really a big fan of the clutch. I am hoping for darker shade clutch.

This is not the best dress for Oscar but in vintage category, this is definitely a winner!


Most Statuesque Award


Wow…. Marisa Tomei looks ridiculously statuesque in Versace gown, thanks to pleat and drape!

A complicated dress, but it is in a good way it makes Marisa looks tall. Maybe the way she stands of the way they cut the dress, but she just looks totally tall…

The jewelery is from Van Cleef and Arpels Heritage Collection. Not that it give any marks for her to win this award but man… this is a fine piece of jewelery!


 Most Promising Award


Miley Cyrus is on her experimental phase in an adult world and this is the result; a petals dress from Zuhair Morad that make her look like 27 years old!

Look, this is what it takes to become a red carpet star:-

i.               Few sessions of rehab

ii.             Police reports,

iii.           Misconduct and a court order,

iv.            Few sessions of wardrobe malfunction

Wait, just wait, sooner or later, we’ll be grateful if we can even get 5% of Miley style sense. But for now, let’s hope we don’t!


Most Typical Dress Award


How many times we see Sarah Jessica in this type of dress?  If you ask me, it will be like 15 thousand times!

This is so typical SJP. A dress that look so ballroom-ing and bride –ing.  

I can’t deny it that this Dior Couture is a fine dress but don’t you this SJP need to at least run away from this look. Same dress, same hair, same smile… Carrie can do better than this!!  


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Rags Guide on how to buy a suit!

What would you do to look good in suit? My answers are all in one word category like Armani, Gucci, and Versace. But not everyone (including myself) has the opportunity to step into the store and do the fitting and bring the designer suit home. For me, it is just a step in and occasionally fitting!

 But, I am sure can always get suit without spend a mass amount of money.

1.       Choose the ‘right fitted’ suit


Even if you are in the most expensive suit in the world, but if it is not fitted, you’ll look like Mr. Bean.

Make sure that your suit is nicely fit, not too big and not too small.

To check, bring your friend or companion that has an eye for fashion. It save your money, just buy them McDonalds!

Remember, don’t really trust the salesperson. Sometimes, they only try to sell the suit.


2.       Choose the right colour


Black is universal and not unique. Means you can wear it over and over again. But it can be boring too!

If you have that a bit extra cash, you can choose colour like grey or charcoal.

If you don’t have that extra cash, choose black.


3.       Choose the right stripes


Stripes are so fashionable. But the length between stripes shouldn’t be too wide.

Right stripes will give you an illusion a slimmer you.


4.       Choose the right suit maker

Make sure the tailor that make your suit allowed you to alter the suit should you are not satisfied with the suit. Bring it back, wear it again and wear your suit in front of someone that has an eye for fashionable suit. If you are not satisfied, return it to the tailor for re-alteration!


5.       Choose the right suit


Single breasted will make you look slimmer




Double breasted will make you look bigger and so out-dated.


6.       Choose something to match your suit


Match your suit with suit and statement tie. It will kind like distract the attention of a person who is trying to figure out if you are wearing the same suit over and over again!


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Willian Rast by Justin Timberlake (and team)

Remember this ‘too much denim in a couple’ during yesteryear MTV Awards?



Justin Timberlake still can’t get away with denim. But now, fortunately, the denim is in a fresh with a new twist. There is no too much denim in a person. Thanks…. Thanks…

Justin with his childhood friend and business partner, Tracy Ayala hit it big with the help of two fashion brain, designers Johan and Marcella Lindeber in William Rast Fall 2009 collection, which made debut at Bryan Park tents during New York Fashion Week

Models parade in denim bless with studs, patches and zippers (yes…. zippers) in a very strong 80’s and early 90’s energy.

I always refrain myself to wear denim jacket because I like the denim to be on the bottom.  

 But I would probably change my mind when I saw the male model in patch jacket worn over a cotton black shirt; which is surprisingly chic.

Justin said he found inspiration in the “new America” — making it rather appropriate that the show took place on Presidents’ Day.

“Birth of a new leadership, birth of a new era, birth of a new culture,” he said. “And I think being who we are as a brand … I think it inspired us to take it beyond where we were. So, that’s it — a new America.”

Kudos to Justin and the team, and also the stylist. William Rast at revolveclothing.







Denim at its best!!! 

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Sarawak Cultural Village

From Sabah to Sarawak. I just love Borneo, and it never fails to impress me. That is what I am never tired and always excited to visit this exotic region. It is just like me the Asian exotic boy wondering in ancient exotic place wondering for a piece of exotic ………! (For you to fill in!).

As I told you in my earlier entry, my Borneo trip is ALWAYS work related but it doesn’t mean it is purely work. Love to have something in between, especially when you are in a place where the head hunters roam and chop heads roams quite some time ago!

If you want to see the room where this head hunters sleep and how they have fun (after chopping head of course), fork out RM60 a head to enter Sarawak Cultural Village!

I went to this amazing live museum with my friend and it is located less than an hour drive from the Kuching. I just can’t stop myself from chatting with the driver which is very well versed about Sarawak and almost anything. Talk about where to eat, he knows where to get the best ‘ayam penyet’, talk about economy, he knows about the stimulus plan and he even knows about who is among the richest guy apart from Bill Gates and Oprah and Darfur crisis. I am really, really impressed, considering he is only a driver without any significant qualification. He is even better than some of so called ‘executives’ I’ve known!


For your information, SVC is a museum where you can experience Sarawak multi- ethnic s lifestyle. It is NOT like some so called live museum and what they only exhibit is a pottery “Made in China’ in 2001 and claim it is REAL! SVC is REAL.

 These are my moments at Sarawak Cultural Village, driver not included!


Posing at Sarawak Cultural Village Café. Did I eat something? Of course not! I need to maintain a slim figure with flat tummy……


In one of my signature pose at Bidayuh House. Look at the Bidayuh Girls; I am not sure if they are impressed with my pose or laughing with my ‘over the rainbow’ move!


Bidayuh traditional musical instruments made from shell… it sounds like do re me!



Me with Pua Kumbu. There are so many Pua Kumbu motives and not everyone can perform the weaving process. You must ‘receive’ a dream that tell you what type of motives. If you weave the wrong motives, then something bad will happen… including death to the weaver! Wow… if someone dream about me and weave the Pua Kumbu with myself as the motives but look bit overweight, he or she will die too. Believe me!


Kain ikat, some of the masterpieces at Iban House.


This is the stage for Borneo Rainforest World Music Festival, held every year.


The wood pavement that connected the houses, yes.. the mud won’t spoil your Chanel flat!


Me in front of Orang Ulu House. Be careful when you climb the house!


Worth a climb, the Orang Ulu dance.


Really worth a climb, you can buy Orang Ulu snack cook in Orang Ulu kitchen.


In front of Melanau House.


Playing hide and seek with Penan guy at Penan Hut clad in loincloth. I supposed I can wear that too!



Demure boy at Malay house…



This auntie will sing…



And this auntie will dance with you. Move away Travolta, this joget is better!! Joget Lambak aka disco version in Malay way in Malay house. It is really fun…and this auntie is really energetic…



Malay house attic… during ceremony, the virgin lady will be stationed here. One of staff told me, if you saw someone up here, just ignore her. SCARRY….. call me modern guy, but I quite believe there is something apart from human, animals and plant in this world. The virgin spirit is said to be here.


The reason is to protect the girls. But the best part is, the girls can throw handkerchief to guy they adore, it is kind like an approval that the girl is ready to marry that particular guy! Hmm…. Now all the girl need is money…  throw money to a guy you want, and you get one!!! 

FYI, the one who try to throw something is me, not a girl, not yet a women, only Asian styleholic!



Malay house ‘backyard’… plays spinning top with a traditional clad Malay guy.



Again.. Me in Madonna I’m Breathless pose!



Getting Cheesy at Chinese House



This is a pepper tree in Chinese house compound. Once upon a time it is a very important commodity in Sarawak. We dash pepper on our food or as a weapon during sale, just spray the pepper to anyone who try to ‘steal’ that Prada bag at 70% less.. It works!



Don’t forget to watch the spectacular performance before you leave, plus you can joget lambak again!!!


Click here for SVC!

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Between sleep (see that panda eyes,if you sleep and wake up with me, you know what to expect).

This is what I did when I am in MAS lavatory, posing while peeing!


I love being fickle vegetarian, it is part of being a style-holic. You must at least claim that you are a vegan, eat sushi, tell everyone you are in detox regime and attend yoga classes!

 My fickle vegan diet is so fickle. I wake up, and think about becoming a vegetarian, drink tomato juice and then suddenly I think I am so close to Chris Martin and Moby, PETA will love me and I am a celebrity.

That is my feel when vegetarian mood struck me!

The worst part of become a vegetarian is a very limited choice. You must eat whatever they served you. Like during my flight with Malaysian Airlines…. This is part of my vegetarian meal!


Bath in oil tofu briyani


Vegan fishball


But it is kinda cool being a vegetarian in Malaysian Airline. The Bath in oil Tofu briyani taste good.


Thanks MAS…

The fat food always tastes better!

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