Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Life sooo drama.. AGAIN


There are like dozens of email asking why I stop updating my entry.

I still love blogging and not going to stop.

It is hard for me to cry, but why you make me want to shed my tears especially when someone like Ayu wrote to me (I translate to English!):-

“My friends praised my new Coach bag. I read about the Coach from your blog and now I am known for a girl with cute bag at office. I borrow money to get this but it is worth it. I owe you!


I don’t know who you are Ayu but I am SOOOO TOUCHED, especially the borrow part, so like me during yesteryears . Yes, you must borrow to be a stylenista!

AND AGAIN .. I am not going to stop blogging!

Just it is been a very hectic period for me….work and personal life.


New project and excitements. As always I always have passion for my work. I LOVE MY JOB. I never want to quit!


It is great, … but ….  I keep listening to Janet Jackson AGAIN while driving and this is the part of the song that I really like:-


I heard from a friend today
And she said you were in town
Suddenly the memories came back to me in
My mind
How can I be strong I’ve asked myself
Time and time I’ve said
That I’ll never fall in love with you again

A wounded heart you gave,
My soul you took away
Never fall again

Don’t you stand there and then tell me
You love me




XXXX – video  click here



Gosh…lately, I am soooo drama!


 FYI… my new domain is (please cut and paste on add)




February 8, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. i wonder from where you’ve learned to be soo dramatic?

    Comment by olpicture | February 8, 2009

  2. from the queen of all drama.. you!

    Comment by cutecarry | February 8, 2009

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