Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

I’m suck with balls

I’m suck with these balls….



Especially when it comes to bowl, the bowling ball seems to conspire with the lane and the borrowed shoes to make me look like a loser. My BFF, Mimi invited me to Sutra Harbour Beach Resort, Kota Kinabalu to watch her bowl at amateur bowling tournament organized by an association. FYI, I stayed around Sutra Harbour group of hotels like hundred times but this is the time I ever touch my sneakers on their bowling alley, I mean my sneakers, not the one I borrowed from the Bowl Counter! As usual, when you hate something, there’s something. I was asked by the organizer to be the MC. So, me in my fedora, skinny jeans, Proshop Polo tees and striking RED shoes, try to entertain the Borneo Bowlers with my fake Sabahan accent! Cut story short, everyone knows I am not from Sabah, but I guess the Sabahan Bowlers like me!!I Maybe because of my style, some said I have an edgy style and look like a celebrities…I didn’t said that, they did! I can’t stop chatting with all the bowlers, exchange a few numbers and almost distracted them from the game. I don’t want to say who, but you know who you are. I can be included into a likeable category! Yes, they like me…..if you don’t believe me see my snaps….

My new freinds Bowlers with their MC



Winner female : My Bff,Mimi (snob, snob!). She will kill me if her pic make her look fat!


Winner Male Category: Love your ‘office cum sporting gear’ dude!


 If you are in Sabah, don;’t forget to visit Sutera Harbour, you can play golf, eat their famous buffet or just bowl. It is worth it!


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