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A morning at Pasar Tamu Kota Belud


Me with strong and dead Bajau horse!

A visit to Sabah would not be complete if you failed to visit their open market. It is like you are in a place where you can find something exotic and really unexpected.



Like most the fashion diva will say, “I am more like a mall person” I will also will say “I am more like a mall person”. It is true, I am a mall person.  It is comfortable and the most important thing is I can sneak into a fitting room and try at least three pair of jeans before slashing my plastic!

But, nevertheless, I always like the energy of the open market, especially the sound and the smell …. Ok… not really the smell…some area of the Tamu Pekan Kota Belud smell like a dead fish because they do sell dead fish at this famous open market!



Quick info (I love this part, felt like so knowledgeable!). Tamu Pekan Kota Belud is located in Kota Belud (KB) District (where else) and it is around 80 km from Kota Kinabalu (KK). It is a pleasant view from KK to KB. Enjoy your drive. Don’t rush. This open market is only operate during weekend.

The products available in this Tamu are dead fish, local handicraft, traditional delicacies and almost anything including fake designer shades!

If you like it big, plan you trip around October where they will having the Grand Tamu Bear. Expect a lot of things to buy (it is grand, so you must spend grand), Bajau horse race and Ratu Serimpak aka Bajau Beauty Queen (don’t expect them to be in two piece bikini or Marchesa evening gown, they will be parade in Bajau traditional costume).

Tamu in Malay means guest. So believe me, you’ll be treated like a royal guest when you are in Tamu Pekan Kota Belud.


Crispy local snacks… cheap, cheap and cheap, how can they sell it at the price?



Not crispy delicious snacks… cheap, cheap and cheap, again… do they get any profit?


Treasure…. From crystals to brooches… cheap, cheap and cheap…it is not fake cheap crystals and pearls 


My BFF Mimi with her new pearls… it I s worth it. I swear it looks like something from Rafflesia! She bought it like a lot! It is a real saltwater pearls



Mimi’s …


An amazingly beautiful colourful Bajau Iranun mat


The sad part of this amazing place; fake designer purses. Someone should kill the hawker!


Terap…taste a bit like jackfruit…


Fermented sticky rice in yam leaves


Not a dead fish



Definitely not a dead tortoise



This would not be complete with my BFF, Mimi and her Suluk plus Bajau husband, Johar. 


From left, Johar’s brother, Mimi’s mom, Johar and Mimi with their two adorable kids, Mimi’s maid (behind) a happening Mimi’s grandma!

Thank you guys


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