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Willian Rast by Justin Timberlake (and team)

Remember this ‘too much denim in a couple’ during yesteryear MTV Awards?



Justin Timberlake still can’t get away with denim. But now, fortunately, the denim is in a fresh with a new twist. There is no too much denim in a person. Thanks…. Thanks…

Justin with his childhood friend and business partner, Tracy Ayala hit it big with the help of two fashion brain, designers Johan and Marcella Lindeber in William Rast Fall 2009 collection, which made debut at Bryan Park tents during New York Fashion Week

Models parade in denim bless with studs, patches and zippers (yes…. zippers) in a very strong 80’s and early 90’s energy.

I always refrain myself to wear denim jacket because I like the denim to be on the bottom.  

 But I would probably change my mind when I saw the male model in patch jacket worn over a cotton black shirt; which is surprisingly chic.

Justin said he found inspiration in the “new America” — making it rather appropriate that the show took place on Presidents’ Day.

“Birth of a new leadership, birth of a new era, birth of a new culture,” he said. “And I think being who we are as a brand … I think it inspired us to take it beyond where we were. So, that’s it — a new America.”

Kudos to Justin and the team, and also the stylist. William Rast at revolveclothing.







Denim at its best!!! 


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