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Rags Guide on how to buy a suit!

What would you do to look good in suit? My answers are all in one word category like Armani, Gucci, and Versace. But not everyone (including myself) has the opportunity to step into the store and do the fitting and bring the designer suit home. For me, it is just a step in and occasionally fitting!

 But, I am sure can always get suit without spend a mass amount of money.

1.       Choose the ‘right fitted’ suit


Even if you are in the most expensive suit in the world, but if it is not fitted, you’ll look like Mr. Bean.

Make sure that your suit is nicely fit, not too big and not too small.

To check, bring your friend or companion that has an eye for fashion. It save your money, just buy them McDonalds!

Remember, don’t really trust the salesperson. Sometimes, they only try to sell the suit.


2.       Choose the right colour


Black is universal and not unique. Means you can wear it over and over again. But it can be boring too!

If you have that a bit extra cash, you can choose colour like grey or charcoal.

If you don’t have that extra cash, choose black.


3.       Choose the right stripes


Stripes are so fashionable. But the length between stripes shouldn’t be too wide.

Right stripes will give you an illusion a slimmer you.


4.       Choose the right suit maker

Make sure the tailor that make your suit allowed you to alter the suit should you are not satisfied with the suit. Bring it back, wear it again and wear your suit in front of someone that has an eye for fashionable suit. If you are not satisfied, return it to the tailor for re-alteration!


5.       Choose the right suit


Single breasted will make you look slimmer




Double breasted will make you look bigger and so out-dated.


6.       Choose something to match your suit


Match your suit with suit and statement tie. It will kind like distract the attention of a person who is trying to figure out if you are wearing the same suit over and over again!



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