Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Oscar ‘CuteCarry’ Dress Award

Best Dressed Award


Two toned never look better like YSL dress on Kate Winslet. The one shoulder dress with silk and lace fabric just scream “I AM THE WINNER OF THE NIGHT”. If this is not a winner, I don’t know what. The reason for her to be in this list is she is just liked so perfect. From the hair, the makeup and definitely the dress.

Plus she looks a bit thin!


Best Shiny Award


Anne Hathaway almost never failed to amaze me when she graces the red carpet! She did not win any, but she is the winner of Most Shiny Award.

She is wearing a typical Armani Prive dress but nothing typical on how she carries the dress.  The dress glow even in her simple make up and classic do!  No unwanted necklace (that will only distract the overall attention), no unwanted colour, no fake smile.

 Just Anne and Armani!


Best Vintage Award


Some vintage looks like a secondhand dress from a bundle shop but I give her bundles of compliment for Penelope Cruz in cream Balmain. This dramatic dress that is just sweet without the feeling of being dramatic. So couture but not that ridiculous couture. Get me?  

As the rules saying, people who are not too tall should avoid wearing length dress that can swipe the floor. Penelope breaks the rules and she hit it.

But I am not really a big fan of the clutch. I am hoping for darker shade clutch.

This is not the best dress for Oscar but in vintage category, this is definitely a winner!


Most Statuesque Award


Wow…. Marisa Tomei looks ridiculously statuesque in Versace gown, thanks to pleat and drape!

A complicated dress, but it is in a good way it makes Marisa looks tall. Maybe the way she stands of the way they cut the dress, but she just looks totally tall…

The jewelery is from Van Cleef and Arpels Heritage Collection. Not that it give any marks for her to win this award but man… this is a fine piece of jewelery!


 Most Promising Award


Miley Cyrus is on her experimental phase in an adult world and this is the result; a petals dress from Zuhair Morad that make her look like 27 years old!

Look, this is what it takes to become a red carpet star:-

i.               Few sessions of rehab

ii.             Police reports,

iii.           Misconduct and a court order,

iv.            Few sessions of wardrobe malfunction

Wait, just wait, sooner or later, we’ll be grateful if we can even get 5% of Miley style sense. But for now, let’s hope we don’t!


Most Typical Dress Award


How many times we see Sarah Jessica in this type of dress?  If you ask me, it will be like 15 thousand times!

This is so typical SJP. A dress that look so ballroom-ing and bride –ing.  

I can’t deny it that this Dior Couture is a fine dress but don’t you this SJP need to at least run away from this look. Same dress, same hair, same smile… Carrie can do better than this!!  


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