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Baju nikah Yatt

Tahniah diucapkan kepada Yatt kerana bukan sahaja telah selamat menempuh alam perkahwinan tetapi juga kerana telah memilih pakaian nikah yang memang ada class!!!

Budiey Blog

Persalinan nikah Yatt dan suaminya,Abdul Mutalib Abdul Shukor oleh Den Wahab (baju melayu), Lynda Rahim (baju kurung), dan Udaimatinnur (tudung), jelas menunjukkan bahawa pasangan ini memang mempunyai ‘taste’. Walaupun material yang digunakan untuk menyiapkan baju kurung ini nampak serabut, tetapi pereka bijak mengadun agar ia tidak nampak Yatt seperti pokok krismas (seperti yang berlaku kepada be berapa pengantin yang saya pernah lihat!).

Nothing simple about this baju nikah. Why go simple if this is one the most special day in your life?

Jika diperhatikan, Baju kurung moden dan tudung ini menggunakan pendekatan selamat iaitu warna putih. Walaupun ia agak berat tetapi tetap nampak elegan dan menawan.

Perkara yang menarik mengenai baju kurung moden ini ialah ala tengkuk cekak musang dan seakan-akan ‘turtle neck’. Fesyen ini juga selaluna menjadi pilihan pengantin-pengantin di negara seberang. Mungkin anda boleh mendapat inspirasi daripada fesyen pakaian ini.

Den Wahab Collection Sdn Bhd, M17, Mezzanine Floor, Ampang Point Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur 68000, Wilayah Persekutuan. p: 603-42512276

Lynda Rahim: Tel: +603 4252 8298.

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Gucci Sloaney Bag

These are the bags to celebrate the renovated London flagship boutique located at Sloane Street. Very British.  It is so refreshing to see something that some of us longed for years; a piece or pieces of Gucci that is worth to be one of our luxurious collector items. 

Congratulations Frida Giannini!

The only thing that I can do is longing and yearning for the bags… Ask, believe and received!!!! 

Visit Gucci.


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Anugerah daripada Istana






Terima kasih patik ucapkan…

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Kate Moss posing for new YSL perfume ad.

These are Kate Moss for latest Yves St Laurent Perfume. Clad in Stefano Pilati’s pre fall collection, Kate is holding a rose with Eiffel Tower in the back.




She is the reason why I love Calvin Klein. Remember underage looking girl with tiny boobs in a petite frame pose in male underwear or a superwaif girl with pierce nipple?

 For straight man, if you have vivid image of that, don’t worry, you are not pedophile. You are just in touch with your inner fashion style. You just remember Kate Moss.

It is still a mystery why plain looking, freckles English girl can be fashion Godzilla. But I believe Kate should thanks Calvin Klein for the opportunity. She is a household name after posing for CK.

Kate Moss is so big back in 1990’s. I must say that she is bigger than Gisele in comparison (even Gisele looks bigger).  Kate is relatively short for model but she never short of assignment. She control the trend, she is everywhere. Girl stop eating just to have Kate collarbone and suddenly flat chest became so irresistible!  

No one can beat Kate persona. Current supermodels are so overrated. Do you ever hear a girl dying to become Gisele or Chanel Iman?

p/s: Saya dah tanya kepada beberapa makcik dan pakcik adakah Kate Moss ni cantik, jawapan mereka ialah “kurus kering macam ni jadi model? Tak cantiklah, macam orang hisap dadah!” Pandai jugak makcik dan pakcik ni.






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Pavillion KL F1 race pit stop

There is similarity between F1 and fashion that is “before you knew it, it is gone”.

If you’ve been to any F1 show you know what I mean. You can only see the cars in a split second before it makes another round and it comes again and then it gone. Just like fashion, today gladiator is so glam but tomorrow if you still wear gladiator you look a gladiator!

F1 Race and Pavillion KL just so similar. Both are the epitome of their own field. They need each other and that is the reason why the fashionista and F1 junkie can meet at  Pavillion. There will be four pit stop booths:-

i.               Car Pit Stop

Located at Bukit Bintang entrance. An ING car will be displayed. To F1 junkie, you can stop here and race in a remote control circuit


ii.            Fashion and Party Pit Stop

For fashionista and it is located at Centre Court. There will be fashion shows on 1st and 3rd April. 


iii.           Connection Pit Stop

For both.  Can drink and dine. You can touch Shell Ferrari model cars. Watch F1 race on gigantic plasma TV 


iv.           Promotion Pit Stop

For both. There will be promotional items for race related items. Shop till you drop for Mercedes F1 and Shell Ferrari F1 stuffs.


For info call 03 2118 8833 







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Lina Teoh (without make up)

This is Lina Teoh now. About 11 years ago, she is Miss Malaysia World 1998 and then grabs 2nd Runner up in Miss World competition on the very same year. The first ever Malaysian to go on the top 3 in Miss World. Until now,  no Malaysian can beat the record.


I met her, and she is beautiful and sweet as ever. She did warn me before I snap that this is her look behind the camera look aka without makeup. She has fabulous skin. I wish my skin like that!

The reason why is like so hard to see her on the TV these days because she works behind camera. Producing and such.

I really hope to see her again on screen again!  Once a queen, always a queen!

Myself and Lina (both without make-up).


Something to remember

Lina Earthhour with Hans Isaac

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Queen Of Pop Photoshopped

Some claims that both of these Madonna’s images have been photoshopped.

Madonna Photoshopped

Come on guys She is in her 50’s. If she looks like on the left, she still looks great!

 The woman that has a huge influence in my life.  I don’t care how she looks like. I must confess that if not because of Madonna, there will be no me as per today. She impressed me with her videos, fashion and diva behavior.

I’ll probably not into fashion if she doesn’t exist. Salute to Queen, Salute to the one and only MADONNA


It takes a real MAN (transsexuals, transvestites included) to fill her shoes!

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Naomi Campbell on catwalk for Mumbai Victims

Even superdiva has a heart for charity!


The fierce, really fierce Naomi Campbell walks in a charity called Mai Mumbai (kalu orang Utara, Mai tu maknanya “mari datang Mumbai’-naomi dah start cakap utara ka?).

Mumbai Mai is a charity for Mumbai victims last November.

At 39, she still looks stunning, really stunning.



Fierce and fierce Naomi needs all the charity to redeem past ‘stuff’ she did.

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2009 Kids’s Choice Award Style CuteCarry Awards

Once again, all the kids come out and play at Kids Choice Awards. The biggest winner is ‘High School Musical 3’. It is a drama for some kids, like Miley Cryrus was brought into tears when she was announced best female singer. Kids don’t cry Miley. They just have fun. I would like to present CuteCarry Style Awards. The winners are:-


 Best Dressed Kid


Keke Palmer is only 18 years old but she rocks the runway. She refuses to be kid but don’t rush to be adult. Simple dress, basic shoes and toned up with glittering clutch. Playing safe always safe her.

Underage kid


I would like to advise Vanessa Hudgens don’t stand and wait for taxi after the show or it is not taxi driver who stop and asked ‘how much?’.  She looks like an underage hooker. Short cheapskate jeans, Madonna 80’s cross and freakin’ boots.


Office Kid


The only differentiate Jesse McCartney with office executive is erm……… probably nothing. Ok wait, maybe the hideous tinted glasses.


Sarong Kid


Emma Roberts lace dress look like a sarong and the shoes………. what is with the shoes???????


Couture Kid


Miley Cyrus can’t wait to grow up so she can put on all the couture stuff. Miley, enjoy your younger days while you can!


Young Mom Kid


America Ferrera in dress for new role; Ugly Betty stylish mom.


Overage kid


Cameron Diaz is trying to look like kids, and she is successfully in it. Some kids should take cue from this 37 years old lady! That skinny jeans and purse just like wow…………


Tired and confused kid


Pete Wentz (right) should realized that he has a 4 months old baby at home. But I assume he is so busy changing diapers and that lack of sleep make him think that bow and handkerchief with denim look cool. 



Fun Kid


Miranda Cosgrove just wants to have fun in this fun and carefree dress!


Mom Kid


Tori Spelling chaperone her kid to award nite in very mom floral dress… hi mom!!!!


Plain kid


David Archuleta playing low profile new kid on the block. Vest on shirt with jeans. Hire a stylist David!


Macho Kid


Taylor Lautner playing macho man in all black.


Handsome kid


Corbin Blue looks is “extremely handsome young man”. Thanks to some facial hair, perfect jacket and pants.




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Thanks to Female and Padini for this fabulous mag!


The reasons why it is so fabulous is it s kind like a guide on how to shop, and actually we can really shop! Yes….. That is why.

It is actually a catalog on the entire brand under Padini group like Padini, Seed and Vincci. I can almost buy anything in this catalogue because it is quite cheap.





Thanks to the creative editorial, all these affordable stuff like so expensive. Make me want to rush right now to Padini.



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