Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Gisele seeds

You can now taste the supermodel; Gisele Bundchen seeds.


This Brazilian statuesque strikes again with Ipanema Gisele Bündchen Collection with an interesting theme, Seeds!

Why seeds? According to this model, Seeds are “the beginning of everything.”

In a press release, Bündchen said, “From seeds are born trees that protect the waters. And, everyone knows that there would be no life without water. This means that a simple seed can represent the hope to change a small region, a country or even the world.”

She loves the environment and willing to share the profit for the benefit of our planet.

 Ipanema Gisele Bündchen (Malaysia) and local environmental conservation organization, WWF-Malaysia will be benefit from each other. You buy a pair of Seeds flip-flop and proceeds from each pair of Ipanema Gisele Bündchen will be channeled to the WWF-Malaysia’s Peninsular Malaysia Forests Program. The key aim is to protect the biodiversity and natural resources within a contiguous forested area in Peninsular Malaysia to provide environmental, social and economic benefits to the nation.

I love you Gisele, I love you. You are tall, skinny, married to tall guy and now you are contributing something to the earth. I just love you.

It is another reason for me to at least purchase a pair, not for me but maybe as a gift or something. I am not really into Ipanema flip-flop because it can’t fit into my long, big feet!  I did try to put on a pair that is so striking  during my last trip to Al-Ikhsan Putrajaya. Thinking I should get at least one of this supermodel masterpiece but I end up buying a male Adidas sneakers.



In Malaysia, it is priced from RM42.90 to RM74.90 and are available all Stadium, Al-Ikhsan, Studio R and Royal Sporting House outlets nationwide or buy online here!


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Flip-ing Bag

I went to my besties crib, Jamsari and saw this cute, rare design Padini Bag.

The moment I saw it, I know it is mine! After almost 20 minutes persuasion, I finally managed to buy this bag. Let say he made a small profit from the transaction!

It is made from PU material but it looks like leather.

This ‘flip-ing bag’ is almost unrecognizable if we flip and un-flip it.

Flip it



Un-flip it



I carry it to office while I am in my slack, long shirt with tie (in my Diva without PMS pose)



During my casual outing at Subang Parade; the flip-ing bag pair with jeans, Nike top and fedora (in my Diva with PMS pose)


 It works both ways!

Thanks Jem!!!

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Hot Kiwi

Remember this name, Emma Champtaloup; because she is probably going to be big.

Emma Champtaloup models for Armani in Milan. Photo / Supplied

This Kiwi (not the fruit but someone who came from New Zealand) is handpicked by Armani to walk on his Milan Fashion Week. This is a rare case because Armani make an effort to show Emma what the outfit she is wearing before the show. You’ll know what happened when a fashion giant treat you that way, your bank account will be in a good record for a long time!

Before this, Emma has difficulties in securing a job but now, the opportunity is just right on her leg.

Emma is currently with Auckland-based modeling agency Red Eleven.




With strong bone and ‘statement mole’, she is someone you should be aware of!

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