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Dior Split tie – from runway to realway


Can Dior Split tie make it from runway to real-way? I am not sure what is the impact, but if the impact is like so great, this will be something to remember. 

Dior always come out with we think it is so ridiculous but it turns out to be so wearable. I want to buy it but do you think it will last? Fashion will not last but USD220 for a tie? Let me think hard, real hard before clicking to ‘add to bag’ button.

I saw this fake version of Dior split tie at one of the most popular shopping web in Malaysia. I wont tell which link or web because I am so not into buying fake stuff or encouraging people to buy one. 

But seriously, can this tie make it to realway? I am waiting for the answer……. 

It is sleek and chic. I just can imagine.

Split tie at eluxury. USD220.00


March 16, 2009 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. for sure it will not break the tradtional necktie for office wear. But for fashion purposes, yeah, it is wearable, well… you can wear anything! But for me, i opt for something timeless… my Fav tie is Burberry that usually cost me around USD150++. I don’t think i would spend USD220 for that tie…

    Comment by lonely in gorgeous | March 17, 2009

  2. Memang wearable. but for certain function only. This is something that will be seen miles away. Kalu nak meletop apa salahnya lite2 berbelanja USD220 kan..

    I imagine Faisal Tahir with this tie!…

    Comment by cutecarry | March 17, 2009

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