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Happy Birthday Dato’ Shikin

Happy Belated Birthday Dato’ Shikin.

She has style, full with grace, effortless, classy classic, so Chanel.

I love your new Dior!


From left – Naglaa, Birthday Girl –Dato’Shikin, me paling berangan dia paling meletop





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Tumi Business Not for business bag!

Describe ‘business class bag’…

The typical answer is it must be black, preferably leather or material like leather, formal and sometimes so stiff!

Definitely nothing like the above for Tumi Business Class bag. It is yellow, made from nylon, backpack, nothing normal and not stiff. It is fun! but unfortunately in my case that is the only best part.


I am not a backpack person so maybe what I’m going to say here will be on a bias mood.

I don’t think I look good carrying this bag, especially if I am having a business meeting. My mind can’t work to visualize me carrying this yellow thing on my back. It is fun but don’t you think it is quite cheeky? Yellow backpack pair with a slack and tie?

If I ever carry this bag, it is for laptop and paper documents; that is only if I need to finish my work on the go. But I will definitely change to my formal, typical business tote for my appointment.

Don’t you think it is too ‘school boy’ to carry backpack to business meeting? Backpack is definitely not for serious business people. It is a worst case scenario if the convicted is a woman. The most disastrous catastrophe scene about backpack is when I saw a 20-ish girl in baju kurung and tudung with a backpack on her back in a very important meeting! So tasteless….

Some say style is about breaking the rules, but I can’t imagine myself breaking this rule.


Tumi Business Class Backpack that is NOT for business appointment at Tumi.


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