Confession of an Asian StyleHolic

Marc Jacobs engaged!!

Cangratulations to Marc Jacobs for his engangement to Lorenzo Martone.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone

Lorenzo is a producer from Brazil.

Ok Marc, now you find your  true love, hope you can produce more edgy  bags  since both of you can’t produce kids.

It is hard to find true love, but once you get it, make sure you cherish the moment.

 I am waiting and anticipating Marc next collection… mabe he’ll be like so inspired by all this engangement thing and change the entire concept!

In Malaysia, Marc by Marc Jacobs at Pavillion KL.


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  1. Macam adik beradik mak tengok…menakotkan tapi merembssss lite lite jugak *ops!

    Matilaa buy 1 get 1 free noh?

    Comment by Lee Novotny a.k.a Mak LEEmah | March 20, 2009

  2. KAN…………………. taste2 u ols dah tau dah……muka very sama kan….

    Comment by cutecarry | March 20, 2009

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