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Conquest of the Galaxy – Mars

Dah lama I tak ketawa ketika menonton pementasan. Kali terakhir I menonton teater ialah di Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) dan ia adalah amat membosankan! Tak perlulah disebut apa teater tu, cukuplah saya menggambarkan ia berkenaan apa akan berlaku pada Malaysia di masa hadapan.  Brainscan, torture, stupid show!



I was invited to the Conquest of the Galaxy in KLPac to watch Conquest Of the Galaxy -Mars from Japan. They put me and my friend on the best seats, and it really helps us to enjoy the show! It is a casual day, so I end up wearing my Levis 501, stripe Bangkok tees, Vintage vest, Adidas F80 sneakers and Guess tote,


 I just can’t get enough of the 12 Japanese males, in fact I want more! They dance, we laugh. Their performance is based on Japanese culture, new world order, and everyday life.

In Japan, they are so popular. Sold out tickets with screaming fan, and now the Condors Mania has conquer the world. This is their second slots in Malaysia. The first slot is back in 2001.

The dance troupe is led by Artistic Director and Choreographer Ryohei Kondo.  


My favourite segment is Rotten Street, a rotten version of Sesame Street. The kids on the street were taught with a puppet about alphabets in Malay word like K for “keracunan makanan”, M for Mat Rempit, and S for “Starbucks”!

It is all male, they should be something gay about the show right. Just a bit. There’s a scene where the guy touch the other guy penises and a couple get arrested for saying “Aku Cinta Padamu” to each other!

I merasakan bahawa persembahan ini adalah sesuatu yang simple tetapi mereka amat kreatif. Jika dilihar daripada segi fizikal dan rupa, anda tidak akan merasakan bahawa mereka boleh menari sebegitu rupa. Pergerakan adalah seakan-akan seperti tarian balet digabungkan dengan tarian Jepun.

Tidak banyak dialog dituturkan tetapi penonton masih boleh memahami apa yang cuba disampaikan. Mesej yang disampaikan juga tepat.Penonton tidak perlu tertanya-tanya apa yang cuba disampaikan melalui tarian mereka. Dewan bergema dengan tepukan dan gelak ketawa penonton setiap kali penari-penari selesai melakukan pelbagai aksi-aksi menarik!

I really hope one day a local production can make me laugh like what the 12 Japanese guys did!

 For short clip, click here!





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