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CIMB Premier Awards Night – Turning Japanese

I am so turning Japanese lately.

It is like so many thing Japanese and I kind like enjoying it, from admiring 12 men dancing last week to Ninjas, Sailor Moon and Kimono and Harujuku boy last night!


I was invited to CIMB Premier Awards Night at Sunway Hotel and Spa. It is an appreciation night to CIMB Wealth Consultant/Agent.  Numerous awards were given on that very night.

The theme of the night is Japan. So almost, (read: almost..because a few turn up wearing tees and jeans,like they are going for teh tarik) in Japanese inspired wear.

My brother is a one of the consultant and one of the recipients of the award on that night. He is earning a good living, driving fancy car, big house, and fat bank account! I try to join but I know this is not my line… I attended the classes (yes… they have classes before the exam!) but I end sketching dresses instead of trying to understand how to calculate the share profit! So I decided that they only thing that connect me with CIMB are as an investor and an insurance holder. Thanks to my brother who is so good with shares, I earn a little profit from the transaction.

So, what is the preparation needed if you are invited to a theme party?

Theme Party

The first thing that you should do is to understand about the theme. It is easy if the theme is ‘black or white party’, ‘India’ or Hawaii but how if the organizer seems to be a little too demanding and go for theme like “White Trash”, “Moonlight” or ‘Drag’?

If you are so confused about the theme, ask around or if possible ask the host. It is help if you could perform a little research from the web or mags.

Even after research, you still confused, work from the tiniest information that you have. Like for Moonlight theme. It means night and obviously moon. So it the scene at night and with moonlight. The theme should be somewhere between what will people wear at night out and something romantic and elegant. Think romantic, like soft chiffon dress and elegant heels.  

Don’t be too stress about the theme. Open your mind and translate your own style from the theme.  If the theme is   Egypt, you don’t have to put on that wig with ton of an eye shadow and end up looking like a drag queen (when your original aim is to look like Cleopatra). Be creative. Turn up in n archeologist excavation attire (think Brandon Fraser and Rachel Weisz in The Mummy). Guys, you’ll get attention if you take Omar Sharif as your muse! 


I am so happy to see millionaire that are so humble, young, fun and know what they doing. Some of them earning millions a year but they know how to have fun. I think they deserved to have good fun on that night because they work so hard all year earning money!

So if you interested with joining the CIMB Unit Trust/Wealth Consultant, you can call my brother Hairil at 0192802480.  Prepare to work hard, the only way to get money is to work hard, extra hard!

The Look


 Me in a mild version of Harujuku. Shirt- M2 by Michael Ong.


 With Dr Nikki Syuhada and hubby. Both are millionaire. Dr Nikki is from my kampung.  One of the most down to earth person I’ve ever known.



 The Gorgon.. or whatever you want to say..


 With Japs monster.. or whatever you want to say


With Japanese ancient army.. or whatever you want to say (I saw the original ancient thing at Victoria and Albert in London,it is made from suede  and metal)



Kinky Geisha .. or whatever you want to say. Love the yellow electric heels and fishnet stockings. The wig suit her look. No drag elements.


Japanese footballer with kimona clad or whatever you want to say…. The guy look is one of a creative way to translate the theme.  Probably he is a big Japanese soccer fan but definitely one of the not so typical look that night.


 I am with Yellow kimono Fiona, also a unit trust millionaire..



Me with three sailormoon girls and a Japanese guy or whatever you want to say. I must say the three girls is one of the best dressed on that night. The successfully attract the attention. Let me warned you, there no ordinary sailormoon girls. They used their power to get profit from the share straight to their bank!


With my besties, Inang. It’s been like forever since we last met, so we just talk and talk and talk and bitching about everything.


Blue Samaurai… Shahman (aka Inang Hubby)


Shoe-holic Inang feet.. in Christian Louboutin.  That is why she is my besties! …


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Coach Tattoo Obsession


What is this Iban Guy, Gucci and Coach has in common?

They love tattoo!

The tattoo obsession for the Iban guy who lived Sarawak probably because of his root. His tattoo is a symbol of proud, tradition. He is probably did something before he can earn the tattoos.

The obsession about Coach probably after one of the creative team walks across Gucci store and adore the tattoo print on the bag. He can’t get that print out of his head so he translated it into one of the bag under Coach Parker Collection!





Don’t you think this two seems like quite similar? Gucci tattoo was born earlier.

Which one you prefer, Gucci ink or Coach ink? Mind you Coach cheaper. Only USD798 at coach.

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