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2009 Kids’s Choice Award Style CuteCarry Awards

Once again, all the kids come out and play at Kids Choice Awards. The biggest winner is ‘High School Musical 3’. It is a drama for some kids, like Miley Cryrus was brought into tears when she was announced best female singer. Kids don’t cry Miley. They just have fun. I would like to present CuteCarry Style Awards. The winners are:-


 Best Dressed Kid


Keke Palmer is only 18 years old but she rocks the runway. She refuses to be kid but don’t rush to be adult. Simple dress, basic shoes and toned up with glittering clutch. Playing safe always safe her.

Underage kid


I would like to advise Vanessa Hudgens don’t stand and wait for taxi after the show or it is not taxi driver who stop and asked ‘how much?’.  She looks like an underage hooker. Short cheapskate jeans, Madonna 80’s cross and freakin’ boots.


Office Kid


The only differentiate Jesse McCartney with office executive is erm……… probably nothing. Ok wait, maybe the hideous tinted glasses.


Sarong Kid


Emma Roberts lace dress look like a sarong and the shoes………. what is with the shoes???????


Couture Kid


Miley Cyrus can’t wait to grow up so she can put on all the couture stuff. Miley, enjoy your younger days while you can!


Young Mom Kid


America Ferrera in dress for new role; Ugly Betty stylish mom.


Overage kid


Cameron Diaz is trying to look like kids, and she is successfully in it. Some kids should take cue from this 37 years old lady! That skinny jeans and purse just like wow…………


Tired and confused kid


Pete Wentz (right) should realized that he has a 4 months old baby at home. But I assume he is so busy changing diapers and that lack of sleep make him think that bow and handkerchief with denim look cool. 



Fun Kid


Miranda Cosgrove just wants to have fun in this fun and carefree dress!


Mom Kid


Tori Spelling chaperone her kid to award nite in very mom floral dress… hi mom!!!!


Plain kid


David Archuleta playing low profile new kid on the block. Vest on shirt with jeans. Hire a stylist David!


Macho Kid


Taylor Lautner playing macho man in all black.


Handsome kid


Corbin Blue looks is “extremely handsome young man”. Thanks to some facial hair, perfect jacket and pants.





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  1. ( to corbin) dude what you’ve done with yourself

    Comment by Anonymous | February 20, 2010

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