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Gucci Sloaney Bag

These are the bags to celebrate the renovated London flagship boutique located at Sloane Street. Very British.  It is so refreshing to see something that some of us longed for years; a piece or pieces of Gucci that is worth to be one of our luxurious collector items. 

Congratulations Frida Giannini!

The only thing that I can do is longing and yearning for the bags… Ask, believe and received!!!! 

Visit Gucci.



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Anugerah daripada Istana






Terima kasih patik ucapkan…

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Kate Moss posing for new YSL perfume ad.

These are Kate Moss for latest Yves St Laurent Perfume. Clad in Stefano Pilati’s pre fall collection, Kate is holding a rose with Eiffel Tower in the back.




She is the reason why I love Calvin Klein. Remember underage looking girl with tiny boobs in a petite frame pose in male underwear or a superwaif girl with pierce nipple?

 For straight man, if you have vivid image of that, don’t worry, you are not pedophile. You are just in touch with your inner fashion style. You just remember Kate Moss.

It is still a mystery why plain looking, freckles English girl can be fashion Godzilla. But I believe Kate should thanks Calvin Klein for the opportunity. She is a household name after posing for CK.

Kate Moss is so big back in 1990’s. I must say that she is bigger than Gisele in comparison (even Gisele looks bigger).  Kate is relatively short for model but she never short of assignment. She control the trend, she is everywhere. Girl stop eating just to have Kate collarbone and suddenly flat chest became so irresistible!  

No one can beat Kate persona. Current supermodels are so overrated. Do you ever hear a girl dying to become Gisele or Chanel Iman?

p/s: Saya dah tanya kepada beberapa makcik dan pakcik adakah Kate Moss ni cantik, jawapan mereka ialah “kurus kering macam ni jadi model? Tak cantiklah, macam orang hisap dadah!” Pandai jugak makcik dan pakcik ni.






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Pavillion KL F1 race pit stop

There is similarity between F1 and fashion that is “before you knew it, it is gone”.

If you’ve been to any F1 show you know what I mean. You can only see the cars in a split second before it makes another round and it comes again and then it gone. Just like fashion, today gladiator is so glam but tomorrow if you still wear gladiator you look a gladiator!

F1 Race and Pavillion KL just so similar. Both are the epitome of their own field. They need each other and that is the reason why the fashionista and F1 junkie can meet at  Pavillion. There will be four pit stop booths:-

i.               Car Pit Stop

Located at Bukit Bintang entrance. An ING car will be displayed. To F1 junkie, you can stop here and race in a remote control circuit


ii.            Fashion and Party Pit Stop

For fashionista and it is located at Centre Court. There will be fashion shows on 1st and 3rd April. 


iii.           Connection Pit Stop

For both.  Can drink and dine. You can touch Shell Ferrari model cars. Watch F1 race on gigantic plasma TV 


iv.           Promotion Pit Stop

For both. There will be promotional items for race related items. Shop till you drop for Mercedes F1 and Shell Ferrari F1 stuffs.


For info call 03 2118 8833 







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