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12 year old designer – Damian Finch

He is only 12 (still not legal) and he is a fashion designer.



Meet Damian Finch. Up and coming designer from New York. Nothing like typical 12 years old, he works hard designing clothes based on what he wants to wear. Critics was kind like impressed with his creation which they regards as ‘shows a level of maturity’.

He must be quite tight especially after the presentation of his Fall 09 to bunch of editors and buyers.  When I was 12, I was busy with my UPSR examination!

If he is the one who sketches and not just lending his name on the tag, I am freakingly impressed. In fact I am always impressed with the level of achievement of today kids. They have to cope with so many challenges like trying to juggle between email, handphone and exams. World is so demanding now. Live in the 90’s is much easier!

In case of Damian boy, I believe that his parents would be extremely supportive and help him in whatever forms.

What will happen if it is a case of Malay boy in a typical Malay family? (Typical- revolved around Malays that I I’ve known).

 What will happened if that talented 12 year old Malay boy tell his parent that he wants to become a fashion designer and he can sew and tell his mom that her blouse is so not ‘in’?

Probably his father will ask him to play football so he can be manlier, mother will ask him to shut up and advise him to be manlier, aunties and uncles will have something to laugh during a family reunion because he is not manly and cousins will call him ‘pondan’ or ‘sissy’ because he is not manly!

Please don’t get me wrong. That is only my assumption (based on personal and few friends experienced!).  Maybe things change.

Please don’t kill hidden that cute hidden talent. You’ll never know what he can bring to you in the future.

This is something from Damian Finch Fall 09 Collection. He is just bright, bright and bright!







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  1. um one of them looks like he pooped his pants

    Comment by jill | September 5, 2009

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