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First Lady Style– Rosmah vs Michelle

This is not a political blog. I try my best not to include any political stuffs because this is a style blog; from an Asian guy eyes to the world. Don’t let political differences divide us!

I vote. Let it be a secret which party I put X to.

But, my dear friend Jamsari from Borneo aka ‘Cheap and Chic’ called me this morning and begging me to include something about two first ladies, Michelle and Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor sense of style.

So Jamsari, this is it (FYI – Me and Jamsari support different political party!)


Can you see the similarity of both wave? When they wave, both of the ladies will smile.Nothing conservative about their look. They like to play with details. Why need to be plain on your first day of First Lady?


Michelle Obama and Barack Obama 


Both like it hot. Rosmah in red floral details while Michelle in plain but not boring  red!



 Both love to pose. Rosmah looks adorable in Red and Michelle looks stunning in her favourite shade, purple.




Rosmah like it print and I personally like the beadworks. Michelle like it simple with same toned brooch.





Both look fresh in green. Can you see how they work the green thing?



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  1. tqvm to hafiz aka bjork for granting my not-so-impossible wish.Inilah yang dinamakan “kebebasan” memilih apa topik yang dianggap sangat panas sejak 04.04.2009. Yang penting tarikh ini akan terpahat di hati dan minda rakyat Malaysia yang berjumlah +-27juta (termasuk mereka yang selalu membaca blog ini) sebagai ternobatnya Perdana Menteri Malaysia yang ke-6.

    Congrats once again to Datin Seri Rosmah kerana dinobatkan sebagai Wanita Pertama Malaysia.

    Comment by Anonymous | April 4, 2009

  2. kebebasan membeli suit RM15 di Kamdar.. it is kebebasan as well… hahahhaha..

    Comment by cutecarry | April 4, 2009

  3. Salam, thanks for commenting in my blog. i love this post so much… very similar lah our first lady with america’s first lady.. huhu 😀 is it a good thing or a bad thing.. 😕 huhu

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 4, 2009

  4. lee… this is from style point of view. memang serupa kan. it is no bad no good. this is only fashion… hahahhahaha….

    Comment by cutecarry | April 4, 2009

  5. No comment now

    Comment by Anonymous | April 12, 2009

  6. michelle is great but the latter is beyond any descent description – she looks like a zombe!!

    Comment by nina harris | April 14, 2009

  7. Zombie?!!!! this is my first time heard Zombie = michelle! hahahhaha

    Comment by cutecarry | April 14, 2009

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