Confession of an Asian StyleHolic


This is an entry dedicated to the best Malay magazine, GLAM.

If you know Malaysian fashion scenery, you must know GLAM. It is one of the most influential magazines in this country. It is like a manual to all fashionista, you GLAM in Malaysian way!

Let me tell you a secret, I read Glam every month and some of my entry and information about trend and fashion in this blog actually from GLAM! Jangan marah ye Kak Wirda!

The fashion information in GLAM just superb. The cover, the layout, the colour, the image…. just fabulous!


It is GLAM 5th Birthday!

In conjunction with GLAM’s 5th Anniversary, a special exhibition ‘GLAM UNCOVERED!” will be held at the Melium Galleria in KLCC. 35 of GLAM’s fabulous covers will be displayed at this exhibition starting 1st to 30th April.

It just fabulous, very fabulous.

Congratulations to the editor Wirda Adnan for bringing the Malay magazine to the next level. As far as I concern, this is the Malay Malaysian magazine that gone this far.

Quality and classy, that is GLAM.

You can join facebook group ‘Addicted To Glam’.



This is my GLAM collection. Yes sistah, I am addicted to GLAM!

CuteCarry ‘heart’ GLAM!



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  1. wow u r really cute! and you’re in GLAM? nice pic!

    Comment by Miu | April 6, 2009

  2. thanks Miu. No lah. I am not in GLAM.. just post in GLAM.. hahahhaha

    Comment by cutecarry | April 6, 2009

  3. salam, huhu

    ade glam lelaki kan? ive seen the first, cover anuar zain. that’s all then tak nampak2 lagi. 😀

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 6, 2009

  4. anyway how can i follow u, since im using blogger…i really dont know, but i want to keep update with ur blog. 😀

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 6, 2009

  5. Wasalam Lee,
    I saw that Glam lelaki. cover aznil pun ada. dia terbit bukan tiap2 bulan.but certain time je

    You can follow me, link me to your site, sebab my freind pun banyak guna blogger so they link me je.

    Comment by cutecarry | April 6, 2009

  6. Ok , i’ll link..yeah! 😛

    Comment by Paan Lee Zailani Lee | April 6, 2009

  7. sure.. so you can what IN…:p

    Comment by cutecarry | April 7, 2009

  8. […] Our first stop is at Glam Uncovered. To learn more click here. […]

    Pingback by Arts Appreciation @ KLCC « CuteCarry | April 19, 2009

  9. nice one!

    Comment by aizatcintagoddess | June 14, 2009

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