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Jamiroquai Live In F1 Sepang Malaysia


The ticket act as a pass for both F1 race and Jamiroquai concert. Ferrari did not really excite me like Cosmic Girl did. I ditched the race and straight to the concert. But I took some time to visit the booths and seen or to be seen…kind like!!!


I guess I am kind like outstanding because I look really yellow! I wore a yellow jacket that I bought from nowhere with A/X tee inside with Rayban aviator shades hoping to look cool like Jay Kay. But it is raining heavily at Sepang so I grab an umbrella at the nearest store without realized it is actually as yellow as my jacket. You might think I match the yellows on purpose but believe me, that’s not my intention. Matchy-matchy is so not me! I end up looking like so yellow (Soundtrack of the moment; Yellow by Coldplay!)






As the info stated, the concert will start around 7.30pm. I am rushing like crazy after posing like crazy near the car to the entrance of the concert and I was there like at 7.00pm. The queue is like so big! I mean really big. I manage to squeeze myself, get my hand stamped and rushing like crazy again to the front, near the stage! Big clap to the organizer, it was a smooth ride.

I chatted with a few guys who standing near the stage and I am not alone. They also there only for the concert.

Did I tell you Jamiroquai only started singing at around 9.30pm? Yes, I was there at 7.30 and the band only started at almost 10. Did I piss off? No freaking way. First, it is Jay Kay and the gang and second, the opening act by Twilight Action Girl, Atilia and Naturally 7. They are magical. Clap, clap, and clap.

My heart beats fast when Adam C announced Jamiroquai will be performing soon… and there he is; Jay Kay.Clap, clap clap. It is like a dream come true in a night of spectacular performance. Jay Kay performing right before me!





He looks relatively small live compared on screen. Not like he is petite, but not as big and tall as we seen in the video.

Jay Kay is in Hugo Boss, probably his line; JK for Hugo. Love his checked fedora!

The crowd went crazy each time Jay Kay performing his numbers and supercrazy when hits like Cosmic Girl, Love Foolosophy and Travelling Without Moving. Jay Kay is so energetic. It is like a 10 year old hyper active kid in 40 year old body. Yes guys, he is forty. Jay Kay told the crowd, in his strong Brit accent “I am not getting any younger, I going to be 40 this December”. You are 40 and you dance and sing and jumping like that for more than 2 hours?

The magnificent show end with Deeper Underground.


I’m exhausted; mud all over my Adidas and it is like 2 a.m when I reached home. But it is all worth it for a group called Jamiroquai and a guy, Jay Kay!

The pics and video from my phone, forgive the quality!


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  2. OMFG 😀 u were sooooo lucky, i would have done the exact same thing if i was there. sounds so nice, and i am a HUGE fan too 😀

    – Lé Vici

    Comment by Victoria Sobocki | September 13, 2010

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